Friday, 7 May 2010


Hi gang, I am pleased to say I feel more human than not today yippee, so thought I would do a proper blog post whilst not leaving my sofa. (man i love laptops)

First I thought would share some fabulous work from my friends, my non scrappy, knitty, sewing friends. Having gone to art college and then doing Fashion at uni I have lots of crafty friends. These 2 I actually met through work, (see most people do something in the background to stop themselves going insane in the bank lol)
First is Holly Bradshaw,

she has just opened a Folksy shop selling lino prints, she's just getting start but she's fabulous so you can check her out here.
Next up is my mate Jonny Lancaster he is the most amazing artist ever, check this out.....

this is a drawing! he has a website which is here, check out all this fabulous drawings, seriously talented!
That all for now, but i thought i would provide some linkage to those who had been buying my new brooches.
Sarah bought one with a blue button, Nicola bought one too, Nikki bought 2 bows for her little girls, Poinz (sorry i dont know your first name) was my very first customer :) Jo is so lovely and properly my number one commenter also bought a bow. I have also had a few 'celeb' purchases from the lovely Sarah (as in Cards, yes that is her surname we established that this week on fb) bought a bow for her little girl and the lovely Shimelle. Sure there are more feel free to mail me if you have bought something and would like some linkage lol.
I will be working on some new colour and bits for the shop this weekend.

So I also wanted to share this weekend Twisted Sketches work with you, the twist is so easy its 'handmade' how easy can that be?
you can find the sketch here and here is mine

I quite like this photo of my in Otley and as i was wearing my handmade skirt, my bolero, and i had a bow in i thought i would use it.
I hope you all join in with the sketch, and not forgetting the sketch i designed is still open on the Sarah's cards blog i believe it closes on monday so get your entires in.
Right well that post took forever, gonna pop another film on, you wouldnt believe how many films i have watched in the past couple of days, you also wouldnt believe how much i have slept lol.


Sarah said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better today! Thanks for the links...enjoyed having a look at some new blogs!!xx

JO SOWERBY said...

thanx for the link rachel. glad ur feeling better, make sure u keep rested and dont overdo it. i have photgraphed me with my bow and have been wearing it loads. i will put up a pic soon. cant figure out how to put positive comments up on folksy though.
Jo xxxx

Poinz said...

Yeay you're better =) thks for linking me! Will post up pic of me with the bow soon n I can't believe I was the first!

Btw my name is Nora =)

Sarah xx said...

Super art work - very talented bunch your friends methinks!!
Thank for the linkage (great word!!) wore my flower on my jacket to work yesterday and everyone commented on it - hopefully they will search out your shop too! xx


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