Saturday, 8 May 2010


In the past week i have seriously become addicted to crochet, i feel like i have finally got the hang of it and this makes me jolly happy :)
As you know the amount of babies that my friends are currently 'growing' is insane. So as much as i like making baby cardigans and such, i loved the Ripple Blanket Heather had been making.
So i copied, and the lovely Lucy over at Attic 24 released this great pattern and i did it, i spent a night sitting and i managed it so hurray. So i wanted to show you how far i had got with it.

then it was kidnapped :(

and this is how it was looking yesterday.
I used turquoise, green, ice blue and cream here (the green is a bit green thou)
Im feeling pretty impressed with myself, i dont think i have made any mistakes, its maybe not terribly neat but i think it and i hope which ever baby this goes to likes it too.

So because I'm a all or nothing kinda gal i was like i can make everyone else, so i ordered a ton of yarn, i got it from here and here, its really soft and a good price.
So my lovely father in law went to robs work (where my parcels get delivered) and picked up my lovely new wool for me yippee!

So i need some opinions here

this is reserved for my lovely friends baby, who is going for the primary colours approach in her nursery, babies are not meant to be in pastel, they cant see it, they see bright colours apparently.
so do you like those 4 or..

5 with the turquoise in? i just dont know, answers on a postcard.
these are red, turquoise, grass green, orange, and petrol, (petrol is my fave)

4 colours or...

or 3? (red, turquoise, beige)
All of these babies are lovely neutral surprise babies, which is why i'm trying to not be too boy ish (which is easy without pink) and obviously none have pink because as soon as you put pink in its for a girl. Surely someone will have a girl.
so which colours do you think?
So in scrapping news, i have just received the June Sarah's cards kit which im dying to use and some fabulous blog work, so im gonna get going that. be back later with some new shop colours.
thanks for stopping by xx


Candace said...

Love the second photo with 5 colours! and the rib pattern is to die for!

My crocheting goes as far as Granny squares at the mo and have been roped into making blankets for each of my kids.

How on earth do you find time to complete so much?

Reading other peoples crafting blogs has got me thinking has everyone got an extra day in the week to me or do I just faff?

Sarah said...

Ohhh that blanket is lush :-) I really love all the brights and I had brights when my two were born as I hated the washed out pastels!! I don't the the colours are boyish at all. Trust me, when you have a girl it's all pink, pink, pink and other colours are a very welcome break!!! Oh and I just want to thank you whilst I am here! You inspired me to start knitting! 3 plain scarves and 3/4's of a Cardigan completed for my daughter later and I am addicted!! Have tried crochet but not quite mastered it yet, so Thank You x

Nicola said...

Hi Rach , glad you are a bit better...I like the five colours with the turquoise , lush colours !! Well done you for cracking the 'ripple' I am still getting to grips with it before I splash out on some yummy yarn :D

Jenny said...

I love the blanket! Looks like you have your work cut ot for a while though. I must learn to crochet! xx

beksynormz said...

I definitely would go for all 5, they just seem nicely balanced. Great ripple, you do work quick!! xx

libby said...

They are all beautiful combinations but if I had to choose it would be the 4 without the orange.


Clare said...

The combo of 4 is my fave, but they are all LUSH!!!C x


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