Thursday, 6 May 2010

Blogging from my bed

I gang, thank you so much for all your lovely get well soon wishes, still feeling pretty rough, alse just went to vote which might have just finished me off lol.
So i thought i would do a little post of some pages i did the other week.
As you know i like to knit, and I thought i would document the history of my knitting, i have to say this is a complete lift, and sometimes its fine to do that lol.

lifted from this page from Amanda Stanford

So my Granny and my mam have taught me everything i know when it comes to knitting, we did it for years growing up, me, granny, and my sister, and i pretty much went from there. Had a huge gap then randomly got back into it last summer, because of Santa, but i have a layout about that which i will save for tomo I thinks.
Hope you like it thanks for stopping by x

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JO SOWERBY said...

mine too, glad ur abit better, rachel off colour is not a good look. snuggle up and watch back-to-back twilight!!! all that edward goodness will have the colour back in ur cheeks soon
Jo xxx


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