Friday, 2 April 2010

Very Good Friday

Days off work are my favourite kinda days (surely they are everyones). 4 days off work fills my heart with joy, i have not much planned other than making this and that.
Tomo i have meeting up with my lovely girlies.

Lovely Fran (2nd left) is in town this weekend, so we (we being me, Heather and Jen) all work buddies, are having a nice fun day together, lets hope it doesnt rain and we can go to the park, feed the ducks and take a million photos!
So i have some photos to share- This time last year we were in the throws of moving house and our lovely city centre pad looked like this

There was a lot of stuff and that was just the flat so you can imagine how bad its going to be when we move later this year, bad and good of course.
Tomo is our 1 yrs anniversary in this house, as much as i like (not love) this house I'm getting very excited about our house, our house! how good does that sound lol.
It reminds me of a conversation Rob and I had the other today hes trying to convince me to get a Ipad (not happening) he said we should go halves on it but i was like but what if we break up who gets it, he then reminded me we are buying a house together and therefore the Ipad wouldnt be too much of issue, he of course assured me we wont split up :)

So we all know its stupidly cold outside this week, but i am trying to make the house all spring like, i have 6 bunches of flowers in my house at the moment 6, most of the daffodils but still.
I also bought this plant which smells so good

the flowers are all floppy, so i guess i need to tie them to sticks?
Also in the joy that is my new red jug is...

Red Tulips and some of last weeks daffs, how cute is my easter card from my granny.
Well thats all for now, i will be back later some some scrappy things, to show you, Im also hoping to get my quilt finsihed today, just the binding next, but the thought of having to do it is making me want to hide under my desk, anyone know of a easy way to bind it coz i hate it lol
Hope you all are having a really GOOD FRIDAY.

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