Friday, 2 April 2010

The Knack

When it comes to Egg & Soldiers I have The Knack seriously I do. My dad would make them when we were younger and you would get like 2/3 dips and the egg would be useless, coz face it who wants a egg with no dippy left.
But then one day i became master of egg making muuhhhaaaa! (my evil laugh) so i thought i would scrap about it, as you do.

This is how i do it (sing this part)
1- Boil the water so its proper bubbling
2- whilst that is doing that get your kitchen roll out and egg cups i tend to have 3 eggs coz its a lot of hassle for just one isnt it.
3- once pan is bubbling away place eggs in using a spoon very slowly so they dont smash
4- set a timer for 1 min
5- when min is up pop ya toast in toaster
6- re set timer for 3 mins
7- get butter out and a knife and a little spoon
8- the toast will pop up like just before eggs are ready so go quick now!
9- butter toast like a crazy person, cut into soldiers
10- timer should be going off now
11- get the eggs out of the pan quick!
12- put eggs in cup, chop the heads off, chuck toast on the plate
13- eat the eggs
14- once finished turn the empty egg upside down and beat the bottom pretending its your sisters head..... oh wait hang on thats just in our house lol

hope it works for you, its nice to know we are good at something in life, mine is making freakin awesome egg and soldiers. Happy Friday xx


Sarah xx said...

Top eggy soldiers Rach!!! Making me hungry now xxx

Emma said...

I will have to give this a try, I love a boiled egg! Cool LO too!

leah said...

i am terrible at making dippy egg, i have to get my dh to remind me how to do it everytime!!! urs look yummy tho, am too gonna give it a try!!

Sarah said...

Great Page!! We are planning eggs for brekkie tomoro.... as its Easter will give your top tips a go!!! :)

Heather said...

I like my eggs HARD BOILED and then inbetween two slices of buttery toast like a sandwich :D

JO SOWERBY said...

in our house u had to make the cracks in the bottom necause otherwise withes could use the eggs as boats to chase you with.............?? where that little myth came from.
Jo xxx


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