Saturday, 3 April 2010


What a day, i knew today would be fun as i got to hang out with my girlie friends but after a quick nip to Baa Ram Ewe for yet more wool, we (me and Heather) headed in town to meet Fran, we thought we were meeting at Cafe Nero as planned then she text on the way saying do you want to go to a Tea party/ circus erm yes of course i do! So we headed to the fabulous Corn Exchange to find this

and a bit of this

oh and this

There was a company there called The Marvellous Tea Dance Company. It was so cool, anything with bunting this good and I'm there!
I used to love the Corn exchange, when i used to visit my friends who were at uni in Leeds, i always wanted to go to the cool shops in the Corn Exchange, it sadly became all trendy in the last couple of years they cleared all the fab shops out and stuck a couple of fancy restaurants there instead. Literally no one goes in there now, and im glad serves them right! But they did update the inside and it looks stunning, (im seriously thinking about getting married in there, if thats at all possible).
Anyway what we thought was a normal catch up it turned out to be well... marvellous, it was so pretty they served pots of tea (i had dandelion and burdock), there was cake, old tea pots, dancing, jugglers just lots of fun here are few more snaps.

Looks fun doesnt it? and it really was, and thats not including the afternoon of fun at my house, but more on that tomo, im pretty sleepy having been in town at 9am on a saturday it was just wrong but sooo right lol
Hope you are having a great Easter Weekend. x


fran_elis said...

What a good day :D

Enjoyed our 1940s tea then a chilled afternoon chatting and being creative!! Nice to catch up and see you guys. xx

p.s Ruby has lived up to her killer nature tonight, there is 1 less shrew in the world(!)

Dan said...

Oh no :( I haven't been to Leeds in years, but I'm gutted to read about the changes to the Corn Exchange! It's so sad when all the quirky local shops go - every High St. is a carbon copy of every other these days, a terrible shame! Looks like you had a fun day though, and those cakes look fantastic! :)

Kerry said...

Looks stunning. I love the bunting. I haven't been in there for a long time.

One of my friends used to have a stall in there and she was really successful (little fimo characters and jewellery and surfer stuff) but when they changed it they let her go and she now has to make do with ebay and the occasional stall in a specialist market. This week she is at the York easter market.

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Oh wow this looks ace. Bunting is sooo cool I wanted it at my wedding, but as our food was Chinese and Thai we had paper lanterns instead. This looks so fun! Sooo jealous! x

Heather said...

accidental threesome

Alix said...

i loved the corn exchange too...for all sorts of wacky shopping...and a good cuppa...and those teapots are to die for!!


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