Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It would appear

that winter has arrived, or did it ever leave? its so cold in Leeds today, the house is freezing which always a dead give away lol. I pretty much have no plan this weekend so it can rain all it likes im staying in and making pretty stuff.
Speaking of which i thought i would share how i am getting on with my 'Spring' Beret

So its getting there, everyone who has made it on Ravelry said how fun and quick it is, but im just not feeling it, im nearly there but with a different pattern every row its messing with my head, i know i have gone wrong somewhere so it wont quite be right but tough!
Im looking forward to finishing and hopefully starting something that doesnt require me to sit on my own in total silence lol.
So speaking of knitting and erm Leeds, i have been going to a knit group with a couple of friends and we have now branched out to a group on Ravelry ooohh i hear you cry lol so if you live in Leeds or its pretty do able to get here feel free to join our group it has the very snappy name of West Yorkshire Playhouse knitters, as you might guess we meet in the playhouse in Leeds.
Well thats all my knitting news for now so i thought i would share a few cards with you, I had got quite into making cards again and was planning to take a few into work to try and sell, these are a few i have done lately.

Hope you like them, well i am off for a bath coz im freezing. Thanks for calling round x


Nat said...

I've got back into cardmaking too, funny how we come around full circle isn't it - it's what got me into scrapbooking in the frist place. Looking forward to seeing the finished beret x

Sarah xx said...

ha ha - still laughing at the thought of a knit group - hope their not catching!! xxx

Anonymous said...

gorgeous cards rach! i'm crap at knitting, my mum did try and teach me once when i was little and all i could muster up was a little scarf for the dog!

Glen said...

Love your beret Rachel, it's looking good. Just a little tip...don't tell - or show anyone your mistakes, they may never notice! ;-) Your cards are pretty too. TFS. ~Glen~


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