Monday, 29 March 2010


What is it about monday nights huh? why do you always feel so blah! I seriously never arrange anything on a monday night because i know i will be useless. I had big knitting plans but what im doing is tricky and my head couldnt take it, so i started watching One born every minute, seriously that programme amazes me, then ate tea, then i watch Undercover Princesses, then i watched THE BEST episode of GLEE ever! i wont spoil it for you but watch it, watch i now!
So today i thought i would share the new addition in my house

my lovely pretty red and white dotty jug, i love it soooo much, i am obsessed with red and white dotted things, i got it from this lovely site DotCom Gifts and as you will see if you click the link they have a whole section on red and white dotty things love it.
So i also currently love daffs can you tell? as well as here in the hall i have them on my desk at work, and on my landing window.

I love them.
So yesterday whilst sitting in the sun at my desk i thought i would have a little try at crochet again having seen heathers amazing new blanket she did and feeling a tad jealous, ok lots!
Here is how i got on......

Hmmmmm so i need a little work right? oh well with my favourite crochet teacher in town i should get the hang of it one day.
And on the knitting front i went ahead and tried the first hat, its a summer beret,

this was yesterday afternoon and its looking a bit more impressive now, but boy is this pattern tricky, not hard as such but literally every row is different so just when you think you have go it, it goes and changes again, so its a silence no tv type of knitting project and definitely not a knitting on the bus project, so im gonna have to pick up a new project for the bus.
Right well the blah-ness is taking over and i need my bed. Nighty night x


Little Musings said...

LOL Rach - you had me singing all morning!

Rachel said...

showing your age Sj?


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