Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Rules of Play

Wow guys thanks for my lovely comments on my super tidy desk, i guess people like looking at other peoples stuff lol.
So talking of the tidy desk, I have also given myself some new rules, i am going to complete layouts in 3's, one can be new stash, one has to be old stash, and one a page kit as i have about 20+ just sat waiting.
So here is one i did at the weekend.

So what can we spot that is old? Well every page needs Kraft doesnt it? ( im seriously trying not to put it on every page but i think it makes every page better) So they grey paper is sooo old, i think it was out of a summer kit at Gogo, its not really my cup of tea, as are both stripy papers. The pink spotty is pretty new its a xmas range which was my favourite but i have no idea who. The note book paper is pretty old, Butterfly kraft card is from the lovely Sj, i have also had this a while. So new things, the lace is new, the butterfly punch, the milk bottle buttons.
So mostly old and a little new surely thats ok right? Now onto the photo! i love love the Corn Exchange (layout explaining just how much i love it to come) but this trip we had the other week, made me think for the first time, wow this place would be awesome to get married in. Just for the record i am not engaged but im a girl so i can scrap about dream places i want to get married at if i want it ok! Oh also this is my first of many pages with my Dymo tape on yippee!

So as well as being a tidying whirlwind, i have also been working on my Twisted Sketches erm sketches, so here is well last weeks now doh!

So this weeks challenge is here, the twist this week was to use orange.
Oh yes I have just remembered i was gonna show you a new pretty shop i have found/told about. In the Leeds Shopping Plaza (for those who know leeds) its behind Boots, there is a pretty new housey shop opened, i forget/ didnt look what it was called but i took some sneaky photos, wanna see?

i whole display of red dotty things yippee, this is literally the collection they have on Dotcomgifts, but this one is round the corner from work!

Cool huh? so i thought that was pretty exciting as lunch times go. So speaking of lunchtime, me and Heather were gonna sit in the sun and knit but it got cloudy and cold so we went here.

and today was free Nero day, my little stamped card was full up so i got it for free yippee!
Also whilst i was in Nero i thought i would try and finish my hat, i meant to last night but was super tired and fell asleep at like 10pm, so i did it on the bus and came close, sat on a bench for 10 mins before work and got closer, then i got even closer in Nero

See soooo close.

safe to say this is not what its supposed to look like, but it needs blocking and i have to learn how to do that first but its off my needles.
Right this post has got far longer than i ever intended and the microwave is beeping desperately for my attention. Bye for now xx
p.s Julie did you Prize arrived?


Julie said...

Hiya Rach,
I love the lo's and i'm going to take a leaf out of your book and try and use up old stash - I might even attempt to make a card each time I make a layout with the left overs.
My prize didnt arrive this morning so fingers crossed for tomorrow. I'll let you know as soon as it does.
Enjoy your evening xxxx

Heather said...

I LOVE your Corn Exchange LO! The colours are ace and I think the grey paper really sets it off.

Claire said...

Just love those LO's Rachel - and I am sooooo envious of your scrapping space.... not to mention all that stash!!!!

cathy said...

Oh Rachel, you need to find out what that shop is called please??? and please ask if they have a website?

I might also try doing the old/new stash layout thing too! I have kept my promise of doing a card after a layout tho - never had so many cards stacked up! LOL

Anonymous said...

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Scraptastic Mel x said...

Loving the layout on the corn exchange, it would be an ace venue to get married in. Hope Rob doesn't mind the layout, my hubby used to get a bit wierded out when I brought wedding mags before he proposed! I have mentioned you on my blog as I have tried to scrap in your don't think just go for it style - hope you don't mind! x

Kerry said...

Those are amazing layouts.

I'm not sure how to block stuff either. I kind of knit my socks and then wear them lol. I've never knit a hat apart from when the kids were babies.

Will have to have a looksie at that shop next time I am in Leeds. Boots is pretty easy to find so behind it should be just as easy.


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