Monday, 12 April 2010

are you moving out?

This is what Rob said to me when he saw how tidy my room was, Thats right i have the tidiest desk in the land lol. * warning this is photo heavy*
So first a few photos of what it normally looks like

so basically stuff piled on top of stuff and that is how i scrap just grabbing anything thats lying around.
I hate the idea of not scrapping because you have to tidy your desk first, i know this is a big problem for lots of scrappers so i figured lets just get it done.!

This is it mid flow!
So I know i have lots of papers i dont like soooo, I pulled it all onto the floor, made a bin pile, giveaway, and keep pile. With the keep piles i sorted them into manufactures, they are mainly, Cosmo (naturally), October Afternoon, Crate, Saasafras and Love Elsie, thats right i have tons of Elsie papers, but yes im still quite bitter about her sucking is in then abandoning us! But i still like her papers!And i have 'other' section basically this and that one sheet from this one from that you know the type.
Anyway so i put them in this file (which i bought at Ally Pally) re yesterdays post

Next i worked on clearing the little draws i have, i know they were 90% full of stuff i didnt want/like, just for lack of a better word crap. So i was harsh like really harsh i got rid of so much QVC stuff and i must have had it since i started, anyway bin bin bin!
Now i have a draw for scraps big enough/nice enough to scrap with

and a draw for card making scraps

this has been working really well, yes i stopped in the middle of the mess and scrapped yesterday and i really enjoyed my scraps draw.

Punches draw, which they only just fit in.
The other drawers had one for giveaway stuff, one for seasonal papers, one for mini books yet to be worked on, and one is empty.
You may recall when i went to Florida last year i got a fabby making Memories organiser, which had steadily become full of random stuff so i sorted it into 3 piles.

Chipboard, stickers, rub ons, pretty stuff. Now some of my pretty rub ons were dead turns out if you dont use them they die and by die i mean just rub off onto the back paper, lesson learnt!
So whilst i was doing this i found these

my lovely Crate stamps, these have been missing for ever! and ever i havent seen them this yr put it that way so very excited.
Also i came across stuff i had had for ages and not used because it was just too pretty, im not too precious about paper but embellishments are pricey so here is my stash

ooohh pretty, and yes pretty much all Elsie.
Now on to the actually holder its self.

Dymo tape- now i used to love my dymo but it pretty much died ages ago and has never worked again, but in the drawers of doom i found another, and out of the 3 lo i did on sunday 3 of them have dymo tape on lol

Inks-- hmm am i going into too much detail?

First row, Little chipboard, little stickers, tools

2nd row- Big stickers, and big rub ons

Giant chipboard like cosmo

TA DA pretty huh!
Right next up is, tubs, boxes, baskets, cute mini cases from paperchase

this is a random tin- full of pretty stuff i havent used (mainly things out the draws of doom)

so it would appear i have 100s and 1000s of these journalling spots, i bought about 15 pack when i last went to Florida they were like $1.22 each so how could i not.

I also have tons of these but rarely use them. So thats on basket.

box of bags of buttons, yes they must stay in the bags!

ribbon i like but not enough to put in my favourite ribbon tub.

box of photos, i also found 3 shoe boxes full of photos in the draw of doom, they have been moved to a box of doom lol

little bit of room for pretty photos

this is what my drawers now look like (so to speak)
Now for the main bit of my desk

p.s i have a corner desk- my MM organiser, with my bag of favourite ribbons in, another organiser thing with alphas that arent thickers, a lovely case with my favourite stamps in, then my thicker box, with my ATG gun, then another thicker box.

this is my little photo printer, my basket of camera, wires, etc, my stash of Scrapbook Trends, and some pretty photos, notes etc
Nearly there i swear (can you imagine how long this is taking me)
In fact we are here the TA DAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

The fact that my white desk is clear is seriously a miracle often i cant move my mouse for stuff so exactly like at work lol.

i finished sorting my expedit, 4 yarn, one tub of fabric, one random, and 2 for current albums.

Im pretty chuffed with myself, and a new addition to my little room is this

fabulous cake stand, i however dont know how to make whole cakes so i made a pretty display with some wool pretty huh!
Well thats pretty much it, what do you think? now you think i would want to go and scrap and i do but i have secret things to do tonight, which i am hoping to tell you about later in the week, crafty related of course lol. Right well i started this post at least a hour ago im going for my tea lol. Thanks for stopping by xx


The nook said...

Love it! well done. :)

Heather said...

Wow Rach that looks seriously ace!
(Jo would never believe that a desk that tidy could be yours, I think you'll need to show her the photos)

Sarah xx said...

Wow! What a massive tidy up - well done you! I don't know why but it always makes me giggle when I see stash that I own on other people's desks - great minds think alike and all that. Am not jealous at all that you still have all that stash and a lovely room to scrap in though?? :) xx

Heather said...

love seeing other peoples stash! well done on tidying it all out :) I'm doing mine very slowly but it feels good doesn't it? :)

leah said...

wow, i enjoyed reading that post sooo much, i adore looking at other peoples scrap desks, it makes me so jealous, and then i have to go and sort my stash out too to see what i have that iv forgot about!! i too have so much love elsie, but unfortunatley i dont really like it anymore so if u want my stickers to add to yours, your more than welcome (dont mean to make it sound like u need my charity, just wasnt sure if u still can buy it in the shops!!!lol) anyway, its urs if u want it!! minimum7676 on uks

Julie said...

What an amazing craft room - it looks fantastic - How long can you keep it tidy for [If your anything like me - not that long :)]
Enjoy your evening - Ju x

Carly said...

OMG this is such an inspiring post I sooooo need to de-junk my room, your room looks awesome after.

Debbie said...

Wow - that is a lot of hard work!! Well done!

Claire said...

You have so much yummy stash, enjoyed looking at all the photos! I've just been looking at your Florida blog too as I'm off there on Friday - can't wait to visit the Scrappy Boutique!

Jo said...

Your craft room looks great, very very jealous :o)

Claireliz said...

How tidy? Fancy coming round to help me sort my stash. Love all the yarn in the Expedit.. green with envy :)

libby said...

Wow - what an amazing area you have to play in.



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