Monday, 12 April 2010


I have been wanting to go to Otley for ages, its a little pretty town on the outskirts of Leeds, and as we had the car last week we got to go on saturday. So here are some pics to share.

a log across a stream yes he has to balance across it!

new fb profile pic!

ta da some really nice pics, that i have now ordered yippee (i have no ink)
and as we has the car we drove to the new house to see if anything was happening

hmmm not much happening, although they flattened the ground.
If you are wondering what has happened to my knitting, this 20s hat is taking like forever i am finally on the decrease at last so hoping be ready late this week, as i have to block it (and learn to block). Right gonna be late for work now eeekk ttfn xx


Scraptastic Mel x said...

Ohhh this is where I live Rachel! Its cute isn't it? We love taking walks on the Chevin! I went ot Iron Cupcake contest in Leeds yesterday, you should come next month. I *think* you like baking - it is just like scrapping on a mini canvas. The standard was amazing but it was such a fun evening. I will blog about it shortly! x

Jacquie said...

ahh I love Otley :) went there millenium new year with friends and just watched everybodies fireworks, one of my best new years ever :)

The nook said...

wow, amazing view. Glad you had a good day. :)

Debsg said...

Can't wait to see the hat! I love the word Otley - such a great Yorkshire name.


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