Thursday, 15 April 2010

What are you doing?

say tomo night about 8ish? Fancy coming on over here to check out the news I have to share?
I'm pretty excited about it, me and some of my good friends have been working on something special, but more about that tomo about 8ish!

So I havent been around for a couple of days so I have a couple days worth of photos to share, first on tuesday I finally got my mitts on this

Hurray stupid shop taking ages to get it in stock. Now i have to admit I was pretty hesitant to get this, people have either loved it or not loved it and i LOVE it, really nice work, well laid out, clean looking without looking crazy minimal american ( you know what i mean right?).
So I really love it and excited to see my chums in print again, and £9.99 is pretty darn pricey but I guess its just like buying 3 mths of magazines in one right?
What else, oh yes last night we (me and rob for a change) went to the cinema to see this.......

We absolutely LOVED it, if you dont know Ellen Page is Juno from Juno she rocks in this film. Great soundtrack, cast, story everything, if you are able to catch this then please do. I am also loving the crazy amounts of eyeliner and have been working that look today erm at work lol!

So if you read my blog you might read Sj's and Laura's blogs too, they have both blogged about this in the last 24 hours -The Hipstamatic Camera App- for those with a Iphone this may be the best £1.19 you will spend on a app.

It basically makes photos look old and cool, when i showed rob it he did say, 'so you bought a app that over saturates photos and messes with the colour' but there is so much more to it than that. I havent been playing too long and just have the basic lenses, and this is what i have come up with today/last night

Pretty cool isnt it, now its not a secret that the one thing that lets the iphone down is the camera, but i think this makes it soo much better.

So whilst i have been busy busy in the background with secret things, i have also been starting birthday projects both knitted and scrappy and everything in between, i am organised and everything but obviously i cant show you anything. But i can show you this....

Ta da! so you might wonder what you are seeing there (apart from my homemade skirt) they are socks, or they will be, a lovely lady at knitting tonight showed me how to knit in this method, basically knitting on 4 needles. Its pretty easy but looks mighty impressive, so currently I am just going round and round and somehow they turn into socks. No I have no idea how that will possibly happen either lol.
Right i must go and actually say hi to Rob, i got in 2 hours ago and have been sat at my desk (in another room) ever since.
So tomorrow at 8 you free???


{ Emma } said...

Ahhh DPN's... the devils work!!!

Seriously, I hate them. It's like knitting with spiders legs I'm telling you LOL! I just can't get the hang of them... I must prefer using magic loop for knitting socks/hand warmers.

Intrigued to see what your news is... will have to check back tomorrow!


Heather said...


Julie said...

Cant wait to see what youre going to be up to - will pop acros at 8pm - Ju xx

Carly said...

I am totally intrigued I shall be popping over later x


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