Thursday, 29 April 2010

new love

so last night i received a email from my friend telling me about a sale! oh my! I had my eye on some new crockery yes crockery ever since i saw all the lovely stuff at my friends house (she could open her own shop) but then she kindly gave me this

super pretty huh, hhmm pasta n sauce i love the stuff lol

So this lovely crockery you are looking at is from Whittards and there is currently a 50% sale on. So after loving my new cup i went to the shop we have in town and fell in love with a few more things, but i was good and didnt buy them, and today they are in the sale! wanna see what i got??

Arent they beautiful? i lurve them, but coz im greedy i now want more, i got 2 lovely pasta bowls and 2 dinner plates, but at £2 each i think i need 2 cereal bowls and sandwich plates, surely i do dont i?
Thankfully for my bank balance it is only a little shop, there is so much on the website i want but at £4.50 postage i think not.
So i dream about those pretty jugs to hold pretty flowers but am happy with my beautiful bowls.
you like?
p.s i would just like to add this little lot came to a grand total of £13.00 and obviously rob will use them too which means he has to pay half woo!


Scraptastic Mel x said...

Ohhh want, want, want! We only have posh China that we got as wedding gifts so need some nice stuff to jazz up our kitchen! Thanks for the idea...I know where I am going for the bank hols...unless you have brought it all already! x

Candace said...

like those and I want too! I've had my eye on a couple of nice jugs in Laura Ashley that were on sale. Might be tempted today to treat myself!


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