Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ever think....

you take too many photos? I take lots like lots, so this is what i have taken since erm yesterday.

Serious bargain flowers, i stopped off at tesco on the way home from work on monday for some flowers as my little red jug was looking sad, and all of these flowers were reduced 33p here 47p there it was great, so i took photos of them.
And then my lovely Robert came home with this

Yippee we heart 30 Rock so much and season 3 is out so we got it yippee!
So yesterday i got a bit serious about needing to learn crochet so i spent literally all my evening read/following this pattern in case you havent been over to visit Lucy in her attic she is a crochet genius.
So here is how i got on.....

dont laugh!

hhmmmm not very ripply huh

and then i changed yarn to some fancy cotton, where i could actually see my stitches and it started to look a bit like ripple like


check out my crochet to the picture on the pattern it was about 11.30pm at this point and i had cracked it (i then stayed up another hour and foolishly got up for the gym at 6.30 today = very sleepy why am i blogging tonight rachel)

so after the gym i dashed to work, well to meet heather before work to show her how clever i was, she was very proud but i had made a tiny mistake, so she said to rip it out, actually she said to just cut it off but this was a pricey ball of wool so i ripped it out and cried a little too.
Then i had to do a stupid thing called work, but at lunch she re cast on/chained, a longer strip for me to work on and got me started, coz the first row is a nightmare!
After work we skipped/shuffled to knit night, ( i had my heavy handbag, gym bag and knit bag hence shuffling )

Natalie and Karen hard at work

Heather flashing her ripples (hee hee) she will kill me for that!

me and Naomi working hard

a random band that started playing, thats how good our knit nights are.

and this is what mine looks like yippee, so in celebration i bought some yummy baby coloured yarn to make yummy things for all my soon to by yummy mummy friends (p.s this is a bit of a lie me and heather ordered wool before we even started work today)
So does it look like this yet...

oh hail queen Lucy of the Attic for making a crochet pattern even i can follow.
Crazy tired now and i planned to go to sleep early to catch up on said sleep doh!
so enjoy this post as i have sacrificed a hour of sleep to do it (ok not a hour but lucy's blog distracted me) night x
oh yeah do i take too many photos?


Micayla said...

I wish I took more....lugging around my dslr with child and child related things does not mix so I have brought a new smaller everyday use camera so hopefully will take more now.
Love the bargain flowers so pretty and the crocheting is really coming on.

Debbie said...

Wow! That looks fab!

Candace said...

Just love your stained glass window! I too take way too many photos

Jackie xxx said...

Oh I'm so jealous with all your lovely knitted items that you product. fabby

Claireliz said...

You may take a lot of photos but theres nothing wrong with that. I wish I took more of everyday stuff, I seem to take most of mine of DD & the pooch.


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