Saturday, 13 March 2010

Wicked time in London

So i havent been around these past few days, my little Lola is very poorly so i have been pretty much sitting with her. She is looking a bit better today so thats very good.
Anyway London, we had a great time, the bus wasnt as bad as it sounds, so we arrived at the hotel which wasnt great (being as polite as i can there). but we literally chucked our stuff and headed for the train to Leannes to catch up with her and Laura and meet Maxwell.

i do have photos but need to check with leanne ok to post them on here!

So after Leanne's we had a mad dash to get some food before the show started. We headed to a Wagamama type place

It was nice but not quite Wagamama lol.
So next we headed round the corner to see Wicked.

OOOOOOHHHH, the show was awesome, i loved the songs.

see pretty! After this we went back to the hotel and straight to sleep, whilst pretending we weren't slept where we really were lol.
Next morning up early, again to avoid hotel, and took a pic on the balcony before seeing that you werent suppose to go on the balcony lol

Im well into this vintage colouring on photos, most of them have this on :)
So as we were doing London on a crazy budget (hence the hotel) we decided to not get the tube anywhere so walked everywhere. We were staying in a great location in Victoria so everything was pretty walkable (but try telling my feet that). So we went on a wonder.

New and old

Film museum in London, i liked all the sofas lol, we had a walk around the river but it was freezing crazy cold, which is why there were so many runners, seriously everyone was running it was crazy. So we headed up to Trafalgar Square and took some more pics

bit of vintage (see how bundled up i am) yes all handmade too :)

This is my favourite, maybe because my fella is looking mighty dreamy :)

So we had planned to get to Convent Garden but time was running out, this pic makes my laugh there were so many people with giant maps, and we used Goggle maps on our Iphones, god we love our phones, sadly we ran out of time so just walked back up to Victoria.

We walked through a pretty park no idea which but there were tons of birds.
So we got to the hotel to pick up our bags and head for the coach.

Naughty hotel that looks nice but isnt! And that is our trip, we got stuck in traffic on the way home so took longer than planned.
We got home to find Lola looking a little poorly, we were going to rush her to the vets last night but she got up and was drinking and eating so thought that was good, we cleaned her out and she was as nosy as usual. So we are going to the pet shop today for some things to make her feel better. But we are still pretty worried, but before we noticed she was a bit poorly we took the cutest photos ever of her. ok rob took them but still i was there.

Drink lola drink

Oh man i love this little fluff ball so much, keep your fingers crossed she gets better.
Have a nice sunny saturday guys x


Vanessa said...

Looks like you had a great time Rachel, even if the hotel doesn't sound so good!

Get well to Lola x

JO SOWERBY said...

awww hope lola is better, maybe she was heartsick she wasnt with her M & D?? Glad u had a cool time in London but sad the hotel was rubbish.
Wicked looks well wicked and in Glee that Rachel is getting on my nerves. Why should she be the lead ALLLLLLL the time. She needs a telling off
Jo xxx

Heather said...

I hope Lola gets well xxxx


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