Wednesday, 10 March 2010

1 hour to go

This has been a long hot bus journey, but thankfully only 1 hour to go and they have taken the hint about the heat and turned it down.
So to kill time I have been doing some knitting

-whilst rob did some reading

Then I got a bit bored and experimented with my knitting

Yes that is me with my knitting on my head, the heat has sent me crazy. But I solidered on and kept on knitting but now look

My ball is nearly finished!! Good job I'm clever and brought a spare one!
So we are very nearly there all the signs are London related anyway!
Plan is get to hotel then head to Leannes for some serious baby cuddles, Laura best not think she is getting anywhere near this baby today he's mine!! Hee hee
Right want to do a couple more round and rounds on my bolero.
Thanks for listening x

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