Tuesday, 9 March 2010


So I did no knitting done this weekend ( I was kinda busy) but I got a good amount done on the train, and on Sunday night I was pleased to be able to cast off the first half of my bolero

-funny shape but hopefully will look ok when it's done.
Yesterday I went to see the show house with my folks only took a few pics

Yes they were made to take their shoes off, this photo makes me laugh, rob knows when to pose :)
As today was stupid and cloudy I didn't get the trip to the park I planned so as well as going the class and a trip to Tesco for a few goodies for London, I also started the other half of the bolero and I'm well impressed with how much I have got done.

This was at 3.30

6pm ish

Yes I have pretty much sat here all afternoon/evening but I guess that's what u do when u are a lady of leisure as I am this week. I plan to get it finished on the two 5 hr journeys to London. Then I get to start something else, yes I'm very impatient!
Are u enjoying my crazy amount of blogging lately, great when stupid job isn't getting in the way lol
Right I have to finish packing TTFN x

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Micayla said...

The bolero looks lovely. I cannot wait to see it finished.
The show house looks lovely, buying a home is so exciting, yay for you!

my5bratz said...

that looks waaaay to hard for me...lol...well done you :)

米格格 said...



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