Tuesday, 9 March 2010

First Class

So no house letter has arrived as yet but still hoping it comes today because tomo we are going to London to see this....

Very excited, we have heard great things about this and been wanting to see it for a long time.We are also hoping to go and meet baby Maxwell, Leannes gorgeous baby boy, and plan to meet Laura there too so im jolly excited, not seen the girlies since October.
So whilst i have been waiting for the postie to call, i have been doing one of the retreat classes.
I started with Lou's just because i thought i could pick photos really quickly.
So this is how it turned out

This class was really good and so un-me, im not a inker or a distresser (sp) not because i dont like it but because i speed through my pages and dont tend to stop for things like that lol, but i really like this, again not the paper i would pick but im really pleased with it. The photos were taken last June at the Gogo retreat, and as for the title, I'm not sure if i have told you why i call photos, phototooks. Anyway if i havent, so apparently when i was little and got my photo took they would say come and have your photo took, hence phototooks! makes sense huh!

The other page i got done this weekend was this one

Check out those chubby cheeks! Again this page is completely un-me, maybe cause i was sat near Rachael that i have flowers and butterflies on one page i know i was shocked too. But i really like it, i dont think i use embellishments enough.
Right thats it for now, off to go and camp out on the door mat. Hope to pop back later with the progress on my bolero.
Thanks for stopping by x


Amanda said...

Love your take on lous class the red t shirt goes fab with those pp and love the other lo i loved theose butterfly stitched on when i saw it at retreat look forward to seeing your knitted bolero when its complete too :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh go lola, she looks like she lives in hammy heaven. hope u enjoy wicked, would love to know what it is all about. singing along i should think will be compulsory.
say hello to leanne from me, hope she receievd the baby and body stuff safely.
Jo xxxx

Alix said...

ooh super pages...must have been a great retreat!

Sarah xx said...

Super pages Rachel - the weekend sounds like it was really good fun and those pictures of papers....lush!
Love the photo took theme and lovely pics of you in them. Enjoy Wicked! have wanted to see that for ages too xxx


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