Monday, 8 March 2010

more paper photos?

Yeah course u wanna see more photos lol, so personally i thought the classes at the retreat were pretty darn awesome, the amount of stuff you got in them was fabulous, not just what you needed for class but a ton! i think 3 of the classes had thickers in them, one had a huge set of fancy pants acrylics to make a mini book which retailed at £7.99 without the other stuff. I was lucky enough to get the classes to take home with me.

This was Liannes class, you got a fabulous tree template in this, and i cant wait to do the class.

this was the fabulous Lous class, its all scrunchy and grungy and you got a free ribbler, now this is the difference, we could have just been given these to share with the class but no you get one to take home forever and ever.

Cathys fantastic mini book class

Rachael's pretty pretty class (love that her name comes up on my computer as spelt wrong hee hee)

Sarah/Gerties fab A4 class looking forward to this one
and of course there was Jens class, I was Jen's glamourous assistant for the weekend and roomie, and i have to say i thought the classes went really well.
This was the layout i did for jens class so we had two examples.

This class was super cute, i used photos from Barcelona which was our/owy first holiday together in 2005, feels like forever ago, but super cute class and it went down really well.

and that isnt including the most amazing Goodie Bags, they were so fabulous.

Amy Butler, yes! now you know how much i love Amy Butler so to say i was impressed is a understatement, and thats not including what you got in them....

We got all of this, some cute thickers, a mini album, a shaped chipboard album, some stamps, some foam pads, some American Crafts shapes, i think it was a fabulous bag of goodies.

i havent quite decided if i will put crafty stuff in it, or my knitting as i normally just leave it in a heap on the sofa so i might use this lol. So wanna see what i bought? (rob look away now)

Ooohhh pretty, this punch was so popular this weekend, perhaps because Rach used it in her class but the value for money was great, i swear i will use it on nearly everything lol, the embellishments i got are so sweet, but i wouldnt have looked twice at them on the net, so it just goes to show how different things are IRL. And Jenni Bowlin, well u have to dont you? This glue was also very popular, its double ended which makes it very clever anyway its fab.

my beautiful punch from Ali, and all because i did a page for her lol, i know i will use this lots, because i use my other ones all the time and this is my fave!

Prima papers, now i dont consider myself to be a prima girl but again IRL these are lush just look

how cute is that? yes very cute, but how i will use it i dont know, perhaps i will wallpaper my walls with it lol

Dear Lizzie fabric papers, i loved the Love Elsie ones so much and was gutted when she became all arty and uped and left the scrapbooking world, but these new fabric papers help heal that wound, there were 3 different ones and i only picked one. (see rob i am good)

The new Crate is just gorgeous and will pop on the Sarahs Cards website shortly, there are two ranges here, Brook and Paper doll both very nice, but i like the blue Brook best, its very useable.
Right well thats it the whole weekend.
This post has taken about 2 hours having been browsing on my teamies blogs lol, they are all linked on the side bar if you wanna check them out.
In other news we went to see the house again today and i love it just as much, tomo we have been told our letter will arrive which says we can have the 3 bed house we want and not the 2 bed one we will grown out of like straight away, so fingers crossed. And no we havent discussed what we do if they say 2 bed. but they wont will they?
Well giant post hope u are awake still, sorry for lack of capital letters etc but it just takes that bit longer so i thought i wouldnt bother lol
right im off to do a bit of knitting and wait for Glee.


JO SOWERBY said...

it looks like you were pretty restrained rachel for a scrapbooker so i think rob can look through his fingers!!! those packs of LOs look amazing, cant wait to see the finished products. sounds like u all had a brill W/E.
Jo xxx

Kirsty said...

Rachael's name must be coming up as spelt wrong as you have spelt it wrong, lol!

Loving the stash - the weekend sounds great fun and such good value for money!!

Heather said...

those look like some fab classes and kits :) love the file tab punch [and the martha one for that matter!], been wanting one like that for ages

Sarah's Cards Ltd said...

Thank you so much for all of your hard work this weekend. Pleased you enjoyed yourself as much as we did xxx

Julesaroony said...

Lovely to meet you at the weekend Rachel and I love the page you did with all the embellishments - definitely Rachael's influence I think! See you at the next one :)


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