Monday, 8 March 2010

photos of paper?

Wow what a weekend, a huge thank you to the lovely Sarah and Lianne for a great weekend and of course the 'guests' i met some lovely people this weekend i might not know there names as i think they had their name badges on for about 2 hours lol.
So i didnt take lots of photos at all just photos of paper really so waiting for some kind person Rachael to send me some with people in.
Anyway I imagine photos of paper will do right?
So as you know we got there on Thursday night and unpacked tons of boxes and were treated to a lovely dinner by Sarah.
Friday early morning moving boxes, we had the boxes at one end of the room and needed them all at the other end, as well as another van full of goodies arriving, so a bit of hard labour began.
So here is some random pics of the shops progress.

anyone reconise these? yes these were our goodie bags, but more about them later

lovely Jen admiring some pretty thickers

cosmo anyone?

and then we scrapped, well only a little bit.

this was my friday night, shoes off before my feet fell off chocs and knitting.
I did this for my chum Ali, something about using someone else's photos and stash

Right well thats pretty much all the photos I took, I am off work this week so i just waiting on my mam and dad arriving then we are off to see the show house again im excited.
Will be back later with some pics of the classes, goodie bags and what i bought :) have a lovely sunny monday x

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nikki said...

aw lovely pics - make me sad though as just want to go back and do it all again - had such a fantastic time - still on cloud nine lol - really appreciate everyone's hard work


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