Saturday, 13 March 2010

2 bed 3 bed!

Thanks for your comments, Lola is much the same, eating and drinking so think thats ok.
We got the house we wanted hurray! Our letter hasnt actually arrived yet but we have been told which is good enough for now. Yippee!!!

We are very pleased, so today as well as a lovely trip to the park for Spring like photos we also did a test run of the new bus route which was ok. We also went to look at kitchen stuff, we get to pick the kitchen units and i know its very early but if we want a upgrade on the ones that are standard we have to fit it into our budget so this is why we are stuck.
So we really like the white kitchen units which are a upgrade (naturally) and thought we wanted black tops and a black and white floor like this

this is what they look like

but they have silver sides like this

and we werent sure then, also we thought it looked a bit 'trendy' and i really like country but trendy kitchens, so we tried wooden tops with white.

again like this today

so i know that the wood and the white look nice, but with silver in too makes me think hhmm.
We dont have to pick right now but im feeling most kerfuffled.
Any ideas?
I also took a few pics of the street and stuff wanna see?

new street woo!

No building work to show yet. As we have been viewing the 'other' show house, as they dont have a show house for ours we have been seeing one similar we completely forgot what ours looked like so i thought i would remind me/you.

Its the one on the right, they seem to be into this wood cladding these days which is a bit odd.
So help, has anyone seen any pics that might help?
That as all really, i have barely got any scrapping done this week so plan to tie myself to my desk tomorrow, as i have finished my bolero hurray! im really pleased with it, will show u pics tomo when i have taken some lol
OK tea time, thanks for stopping by x


Claireliz said...

Congrats on buying your house Rachel, bet you're massively excited

Debbie said...

You must be so excited! I can barely remember when I bought my first place back in '93!! But I do know it was a one bed maisonette in a grim part of town, so you are super lucky to get to choose all your kitchen etc etc!! Good luck with your planning!


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