Saturday, 20 March 2010

In lots of ways

I am like lola, she gets her food and stores it in her cheeks and runs and hides it like someone will take it off her, I get paid buy everything I wanted all month in 24 hours then dont buy anything again, like someone is going to take my money off me (dont get my started about the tax man/student loan man this month)
So here is what those 24hrs have brought me.
First Paperchase! As i mentioned here we have had a new paper chase open in Leeds, soo much cute ranges but i had my sensible head on and thought how many note books do i need (the answer is many many) but i came away with none.
So this is what i couldnt resisit.

These are my favourite collections the flowery one and the birds and butterflies, so i got a very cute box with flowers on (think i will keep my punches in there, but more about them later) the huge folder box i think needs to store more thickers, as my other box is struggling.

Ohhh a pretty flowery bag i think i will carry my knitting around it, cute badges, stickers, and more tea towels. So pretty good wasn't I, so although im not exactly spending nothing but i am restraining myself.
So what else oh yes, yesterday i got a christmas present, thats right you read that right. My lovely friend got me some albums a wee bit cheaper than they are supposed to be, but coz of a stupid courier company not arriving 3 times i only got them yesterday. But ooh oh oh!
So not very exciting but very much needed

4 American Crafts albums i have well over 100 layouts sat waiting to go somewhere LOL.
So as well as a christmas present, i also got a christmas card, its so cute i wanted to share.

cute huh and not very xmassy so he can stay up all yr on my lovely heart stand.
So as you know i went to work this morning, but to brighten up my desk i bought some £1 daffodils the other day and they are all open and pretty now.

Pretty huh and my little lola on my calendar, this photo is normally on my desk somewhere but i wasnt organised enough this month to put a photo in so lola is in again lol.
So after work i ran to Robs shop to pick up the lovely parcels that had arrived, yes all 3 had come in one day, it made me look pretty bad, but thats it i swear. So i then met my lovely bud Vic for some bridesmaid shoe shopping and i got the first ones we saw, they are so high. I dont do high shoes, i actually dont own any heels at all!
This is what we went with

they are silver if you cant tell, so i have a little less than 6 mths to learn how to walk in heels and last the day and night in them lol.
So me and vic go wayyyyyyy back but we never hang out in town together, so we decided to do lunch, she took my to Harvey Nicks again not somewhere i hang out like ever! But she told me there was a great Sushi restaurant in there, once again i dont do Sushi, but she assured me it wasnt all raw fish. So after 30 mins of standing we got in and it was sooo worth it. Yum yum!

Seriously i am going to take everyone here now, and how cool are these taps, its not often you can go out for lunch and have water and not be made to feel guilty. So a jolly nice day even though it didnt stop raining at all.
So if you are still awake ( i know seriously long post) you wanna see what was in my 3 parcels?
Parcel number 1-First i got this ATG you can get the tape either from 3M or sarah here
Seriously everyone has these at the retreat and i was seriously, despite this post i dont like spending money, and although herma is fab its so blooming expensive. But this beauty was on offer so i snapped it up. This will save me a ton of money i can just tell.

Parcel number 2- Next is a lovely fat order from Sarah i put this order in at 8am yesterday morning and it came today so like 24 hours, now that is service. So i dont quite believe i am showing you but look what i ordered

butterflies 2 of them, I know but i really feel myself drawn to these, and yes i probably should have though now which to i want/need the most but i didnt hee hee

Cute embellishments, yes that is lace you see and yes its very un me but i like it, i also had my eye on this cute Jenni Bowlin book at the retreat but resisted but not anymore, and those pebbles cute!

my new favourite piece of paper its lush its Comso and i think its awesome. It goes with everything, red, pinks, browns fab.

i cant get enough of this new Crate i was after the collection pack but i think they sold out at the retreat, another popular line was this

just a tiny bit as i am slowly getting used to this shade of well everything.Cathy has been doing some gorgeous stuff with Dear Lizzie over on her blog
So think thats all from Sarah.
Parcel number 3- Papermaze order- I have been after this collection of paper for ever its MME Be loved but i never knew which make it was but i have it in my little mitts now and its pretty.

Dont you just love a collection where the B sides are just as pretty as the A sides. Well this post has taken forever so i hope you have stuck around till the end. Now i just need to get scrapping so i shall go and do that, thanks for stopping by x


nikki said...

Loads of lovely goodies - just love the butterfly punches - and as for those shoes - gorgeous!!!!

Sarah xx said...

OOh lovely goodies in your parcels Rachel, and both butterfly punches?? Scrummy! Enjoy using them and show us what you make very soon. xxx

Julie said...

What a fantastic pile of scrap goodies - I should think you had the best day ever, cant wait to see what you create with them.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx

Angie said...

Looks like you had a great spending spree ...that meal looked amazing too

Tinkertaylor said...

You can never have too much stash, those shoes are to die for where did you get them?


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