Friday, 19 March 2010


well you know what its friday lol! Wow what a week, its not been great and foolishly i said i would work for a few hours tomo too doh!
Anyway today is lovely glorious payday! i have been very good saved some for house, and i have even paid a store card off which i have had far too long. I also have been buying myself a few little goodies which i will share with you tomo.
But for now i want you to meet a old friend of mine.

This is Blackie- so who is Blackie? well we had this rocking horse when we (we being me and my sisters) when we were little and he lived at my Granny & Grandads house in the garden, we loved him. But somewhere along the way he went to a new home, then randomly on our trip to Lincoln last November in a shop window at the edge of our old street was Blackie. He was literally identical. Now what are the chances of that!
So i thought i had to scrap this, i decided to do it in a kiddie type style, well any excuse to use some the huge stack of Sassafras i have, i also used another thing surely barely anyone uses brads!

I have a ton of brads and im sure most people have somewhere, but im quite pleased with how they look, and yes it took blooming ages!

I have also been trying to be a little more 3D with my pages, i do feel my style turning slowly, you will not believe what scrappy stuff i bought today but more of that later.
Well thats all i have another old friend for you to meet soon, but for now i want to say a huge HELLO to my lovely friend heather who is moving back to Leeds this weekend. Im so excited i have missed her a million billion, and we will/should be working together again soon, so just like old times, bit of work, talk about wool, bit of work. And i will have someone to look just as bonkers as me in the lunch room as we sit and knit/crochet!

Welcome back girlie- Leeds has missed you!
Well thats it, off to bed as mentioned i have to work tomo grr! but then i am doing some bridesmaid things with my lovely bride to be friend Vicky.


Sarah said...

Great Page, love all the colours! I have loads of brads too...all sizes and colours but I do use them quite a lot, just a few on a lo or a card. Love your way of using loads on 1 page!! Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

I can't wait to see you either :-D


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