Monday, 15 February 2010

A weekend at home home

Why is it that no matter how long you have lived away from home you always call your parents house, home home, i cant call it my mams, or my dads coz they both live there so i call it home home!
Anyway home home is up north so off we went.

we dont have a car so we use Robs mams but i do like going on a drive with rob, although he doesnt actually like driving, but we know the way home in the car so i can tend to talk him into doing it lol.
Home is a very different place house to mine, its super super crazy tidy, this is our room/ my old room

Seriously who keeps there spare room as pretty as this, i know who my mam! However for some reason she does still have my favourite painting!

think i will be wanting this back mother when my house is new and pretty.
So friday night we went to my sisters as it was her birthday, her stupid present didnt arrive in time so that was fabulous.
Saturday we headed to my friends house, this is my friend from school, who is one of many expecting a baby this year, which when you have known someone since they were 11 and you actually asked her now husband out on her behalf is pretty weird. Anyway we went round there, this is the same friend we went to see last August was it, to meet puppy Wilson, let me tell you he isnt a puppy anymore, and took quite a liking to Robs arm lol, this is him now, sorry stupid iphone photos.

he is still as gorgeous as ever but no falling asleep in my arms this time :(
After we left there we went on a little trip, i only talked Rob into going here because the paint was £14.99 reduced to £3.80 lol

We bought some light blue paint coz they didnt really have much else, but we are well into Duck Egg Blue, which rob calls it bird egg hhmmm.
Anyway whilst we were there we went to a carpet shop just to get a ish price so we know how many millions we have to save to carpet a 3 story 3 bed house! it turns out lots!

So we looked at vinyl , which we did plan on having in the kitchen and the bathrooms but now we are having it everywhere coz its tons cheaper lol, well not the stairs, landing or main bedroom but this is what we like in vinyl.



i know i know, before you say, but your house isnt built yet, we just needed to know ish how much it would be so there!
But as i am one to get carried away i started to look at the pretty stuff a new house brings, now i dont think i can talk rob into letting me have a shocking pink bedroom, but he said i can do what i want in my scrap room yippee.
So these are some pretty beddings i like. Screen shots from my iphone so they might be tiny

orange, how pretty but what does it go with, i know bird egg blue!

this one currently torments me from the window of Next every morning and every night on my way to work

this is just fun huh!

ooh pretty, please ignore the time on these shots this is not what i look at at 11.30 on saturday night, ok well maybe i do but i also look at these.

love this colour combo for my kitchen, but i forgot dotts!!!

Dotty sheets how cool is this.
So i hope you havent fallen asleep yet, well at least i know my mam will like looking at these pretty things, feel free to get my any ma! hee hee.
Right inspired by my parents crazy tidy house, i gutted my house yesterday in a crazy frenzy, seriously i was mental, so its all pretty now, so i am going to make some yummy dinner then clear away straight away like grown ups do, then finish tidying my scrap room.
Let me know if you see anything pretty i might like. TTFN x


Debbie said...

Calm down!! There will be a whole new Next catalogue by the time the house is ready!!
All looks very lovely tho - we are about to decorate our living room and have some lush green curtains from Next to hang up! Love all the green in there.

Kerry said...

I agree with Debbie. I bought our bedding because I had seen it in the window so many times and now a couple fo years down the line I can't stand it.

OMG that green theme in there at the moment is fabulous.

My problem is that we are waiting for a loft conversion to be started in a couple of months time and because of the layout of our house they have to knock bits off rooms and add doors where they never existed before. I even have to have a chunk knocked off my kitchen due to fire regulations so only window shopping for now but it is so much fun.

Anonymous said...

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