Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Story of the Nemo Socks

Happy Valentines day all, hope you are having a nice day, i thought i would share a little story with you, prompted by my current favourite blog Confessions of a Young Married Couple. She had a post where you had to put your best valentines day present you ever had, which made me think about the nemo socks story.

So Rob and I started 'dating' in Jan 2004 so our first valentines day was pretty soon, Rob got my a import version of Little Mermaid back in the days when they only released disney dvds every 7 yrs lol, and he got me some socks, some Finding Nemo socks, however as he ordered them online he got a bit mixed up with the sizes and this is what arrived.

thats right baby socks, we had a chuckle, and i thought it was very sweet, so we said all those years ago that we would have to keep them for when we had a little someone small enough to fit in them. They shall bit sitting waiting a few more years yet but they make me smile every time i come across them in a draw.
However day i got some lovely lovely flowers, we dont tend to bother for valentines day really cards and stuff will do us but i have become addicted to flowers lately and the colour pink so i got these from rob

They are very pretty and pink yippee! we also got soppy cards for each other

however i still have last years card up coz i liked it so much

so on the flower theme i still have the flowers rob got me when i was poorly the other week

so my little house is all flowery at the moment.
So this is what i got/made for rob, im not sure if you have been over to the Sarah's Cards Blog lately, but i have been designing a little valentines class for you all this is what it looks like.

Really easy project to make which can be adapted for any event, mothers day, birthday etc so rob really liked it and its sat on our window
Well thats all for now, i have my Sarahs Cards class to complete for the retreat which is 19 days away eeekk! i have taken some photos from my trip home this weekend that i will share later, hope u like my little class, do send me a link if you do it, love to see them :)


JO SOWERBY said...

aw such a cute story about the socks, and loving the tulips. i got a lovely orange primrose from my dad!!!! enjoy ur day and going to check out the project,
Jo xxx

Hannah said...

I saw your card on the Sarah's Cards blog, it's great! I think I'll do one for my hubby's birthday! Was very disorganised for valentines day this year! And I love your nemo story, so sweet! Hope you've had a great day :)

Sarah xx said...

Lovely flowers you lucky girly and super cute socks!! Hope you had a lovely day! xx

tea_bag said...

Love your flowers alma xx

my5bratz said...

gorgeous roses and LURVE the story about the socks..

thanks for your comment on my blog, the cute "preggers" stamp is from fresh brewed designs :)


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