Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I have been sketch crazy recently, last week i was team b turn for the Twisted Sketches, this time we had to use pen, i tend to use pen on most of my pages but this time i went to town lol.

Photos of my 27th birthday, using lots of random papers as ever.
Also over at Twisted Sketches they have put in a design call for a twisted sketches but cards, so if you like that kinda thing head over and apply its great fun.

So more sketches over at Sarah's Cards we did our monthly sketch designed by Rachael E, it was such a cute page that i was dying to copy... oh i mean be inspired by it lol, funnily enough this page is also 27 related hhmm how did that happen.

Being 27 is pretty similar to every other birthday but for some reason turning 27 was like right what am i doing, i need a house, so we are on a mission to get a house, we have a mortgage appointment tonight which is exciting. But thoughts are very much turned to the future and all that it will bring and i cant wait! being the impatient thing i am i literally cant wait, rob keeps telling em to enjoy now but im sat waiting for the next stages in our life i think it will be a crazy next 5 years and im so blooming excited about all it will bring.
right im late for work now so i best go, go check out the sketches they are great way to kick yourself off. be 4 now x


JO SOWERBY said...

g8 LOs Rachel, love the penmanship and also the stictching on the 2nd LO. Always fun to see what u design. Wow u are making big plans, and a 5 year plan at that............must be amazing to know where u want ur life and relationship to be going. Good luck at the mortgage appointment
Jo xx

Rachael said...

Fab pages Rachel, just wish I was documenting my 27th birthday!!

Claireliz said...

Thats a lot of LO's Rachel & they're all gorgeous.


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