Saturday, 20 February 2010

A day trip

Today i have been to Sheffield on a very early train to see my lovely friend Charlotte, me and charlotte met at uni, I may have told you in my first year I lived in a flat of all boys and charlotte lived next door and saved me from going mental.

This is us at uni, (god why did i cut my hair off)
So then Charlotte, met Ged who I lived with, and in 2008 they got married.

Us at her wedding- so we both met our other halfs at uni, however charlotte seems to be speeding through all the life events and is now expecting her first baby, which makes me very happy, as with my friend i saw last week I was there from the very start of their relationships and pretty much introduced them, and its nice to know them through all the different stages.
Anyway this was us today

We dont look too much different lol.
So Sheffield, I dont know about you but I think this is the fanciest entrance to a train station I have ever seen

Impressive huh!
So we headed for a little shop I havent been to John Lewis for years so well before I started knitting so I headed/ran straight over.

Pretty huh? and my friend Heather said they didnt have much yarn in Sheffield, hhhmm!
I think I was pretty good I was after a Debbie Bliss yarn to I could make some more mitts but extra long ones and think I did well to only come back with this.

There was also a ton of pretty fabric, mainly Amy Butler and Rowan, I didnt know Rowan did fabric but at 9.50 a mt it was a no no.

So as well as pretty fabric and wool we went to the baby section, and wow there was so much cute stuff, the paper changing bags were the cutest but like £70 each but oh my!
While we were there charlotte checked out how it would feel being a mum.

suits her huh? anyway the hope section is John Lewis has been one of my favourites,

Anyway we had a bit of a wonder around the town and got a few snaps.

We headed on the Tram back to Meadowhall which is where we parked for a spot of lunch.

I know im obsessed with chinese at the moment, we didnt hang around much after lunch but did nip to Next so charlotte could show me the baby set she wants for the room, but whilst there i spotted the curtains i had been eyeing up.

I love love them. So after a little trip to their new house i headed back on the train to come home to find i had a lovely parcel.

ooohhh pretty, new cosmo and the odd sheet of a few others, rob commented that the box felt a bit heavier than normal lol, but i have put those lovely birthday stamps to good use and have made some cards tonight so thats pretty good going.
Right this has taken ages to blog, so i am off now. Hope you enjoyed my little trip to Sheffield.
Oh i forgot, when we got back to Charlottes house her hubby said where is my milkshake, turns out there is a Shake Away in Meadowhall and we had walked right past it, i was sooo gutted, Laura has been torturing me with Shake Away pics (well not personally but on her blog lol) and i missed out :( shall remember next time :), thanks for stopping by guys x


beksynormz said...

Looks like the perfect way to spend the day! Shopping, girly chats, yarn and paper!!! I just knitted something with the DB Cashmerino chunky and it's gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with it xx

Heather said...

I have never been to the one in Sheffield! I said that I HEARD that they didn't have much yarn! But yes, from the look of your photo they have just as much yarn as the John Lewis in Milton Keynes but not as much as the one in Southampton.


Glad you had a good time :) and your text messages still have not appeared on my phone despite me having been in a place with full signal for at least 3 hours today.


Pooch said...

Hi Rachel - I love reading your blog (found it through UKS). I'm from Sheffield so glad you had a good time here! I spend a lot of time in John Lewis but there is a fab wool shop called The Wool Baa if you ever venture here again. I'm new to knitting but you give me such inspiration.

Rachel said...

Pooch- gutted i found this out too late, oh well best have another trip there in the future, thank you for your sweet comments makes my day :)


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