Friday, 19 February 2010

I know I know

Not exactly much scrapping going on here, or at least any scrapping that i can show you, i did a ton at the weekend but all design stuff so sadly i cant share with you just yet.
I plan to do a little for me this weekend so should have something to share next week.
But big news this week is over at this blog the lovely Leanne and Kevin had their baby yesterday go and check out the cutest-ness, i am on a mission to finish what i was knitting and im so close lol.
Tomo i am heading to Sheffield to meet another preggy friend from uni, not seen her since last summer i think so that be great, also hoping for a quick nip to John lewis lol.
Anyway as i have nothing to share as such i thought i would go for pretty photos, surely they are better than nothing right?

I just dont know which one i like the best, or what room but they are cute, only one feature wall but i love it. Sorry my format for the blog as gone a bit crazy eeekk.

So what else, yesterday i got this

I love Glee and the soundtrack is ace, so i have been having a serious sing along to this.
Over at the lovely Sjs Blog, she has been dishing out the lovely friday freebies but this weeks looks a might familiar, and even has my name, see what you think.
Finally i treated myself to a new jumper, i live in hoodies literally all the time, and trainers, fridays at work and dress down, and i swear im the only one who wears trainers and hoodies, everyone gets even more dressed up than work days which amuses me no end but im a hoodie and trainers kinda gal, but today i bought a new top, possibly to wear to the Sarahs's Cards Retreat which is in 2 weeks, in 2 weeks we will be there teaching/ doing our thing eek. anyway the top

Pretty smart top as i go, and mother please dont be copying, funny story when i was home last weekend i got up on saturday went down to find my mam in the exact same top as me hhhmm!
Right im gonna do a bit of scrapping and watch the lovely Twilight i think. Promise i will have pretty things to show you at some point. Have a happy friday x


JO SOWERBY said...

oooh fab top and love the wallpaper,
Jo xxxx

JO SOWERBY said...

me again should have read sj's blog first. u look amazing in cartoon form. ny friends have one of her pics specialy commissioned too. hope u het royalties. ive downloaded u by the way
Jo xxx

Sally said...

i did think that little musing looked a bit familiar!!! LOL

happy for your house news too!!! oooh teaching at the retreat, that sounds like a fun challenge indeed, :O) have a ball, looking forward to seeing pictures, oooh and layouts too xx

Danz said...

Sanderson! Dandelion Clocks is my favourite wallpaper of ALL TIME! But at £30 a roll, i'm going to hold off until we stop renting, I love the teal, I ordered a sample of the wallpaper and fabric to swoon over, so you could get both to see which you like most! (I think you can get up to 3 samples)


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