Sunday, 21 February 2010


So my scrapbooking story began with cards as most scrapping stories do right, but i thought i was pretty good but looking back i was pretty shocking, this only came to light when i was home last weekend my mam had a card out to give to my cousin, who is due to have a baby next week, and the card she had was pretty shocking really lol.
So today i have been on a mission making cards and i think i have got a little better, i think the key to it as with scrapping is layering lol.
So here are a few i have been doing i think i did about 20 in total so wont bombard you with them all just yet.

Im pretty chuffed with them, considering i thought i was useless at cards, but now i have no birthdays on the horizons lol.
Anyway as well as cards today i have been tidying my desk, thats right i have a desk under the mountains of paper, as im a just use whats lying around kinda person i tend to not tidy up very well.

It took a while, mostly just binning stuff and sticking the rest on a scraps bag, you can even see my pretty hand holding photo i love so much, and i cleared enough room to see my other screen, now i havent seen that for a while so i sat and watched Hannah Montana and Camp Rock, great fun. I did a couple of layouts too but it go to dark to photograph them.
Off to watch Couples Retreat which we rented earlier and do a spot of knitting. Nice weekend, hope you have had a good one :)


Rachael said...

Lovely cards Rachel and you desk is oh soooooo tidy!! Can you come to my house now please?

Anne said...

Nice cards - I'm hopeless at cards, so I'll follow your tip about layering next time I have a go!

Claire said...

Great cards, I love all the colours!

Anonymous said...

They're fab cards Rachel. I don't think anyone still has any of my cards from when I started (or I hope not anyway!).

Vanessa x


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