Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Cant think of a title sorry, i meant to show you more of my cards yesterday but i forget what i was doing but it wasnt blogging lol.
Anyway here are a few more of the cards i have been making.

I like the sassafras ones the best maybe because i did wonder what i would so with a giant elephant etc. I also did a bit of scrapping here.

I did this one ages ago, me and my sissy in Baa Ram Ewe and the reason the page only has one a in Baa is because i didnt have 2 lol.
So this page has amused me today

That is the biggest dog in the world how cool is he?
Have i shown you my new photos of lola yet? Lola got a advent calendar in december (funnily enough) and we thought her opening a door a day was a bit much as there were tons of choc buttons in it so she is still going.

She is beyond cute, her little ears are down so she must be sleepy. she also helped us with our mortgage docs last week.

and then just looked cute

Notice how huge she looks here having ate a ton of choc buttons, well not ate but stored them lol

Right i am going to scrap on my lovely tidy desk i have a stack of drunken uni photos that need scrapping lol. Thanks for stopping by xx


Kerry said...

I saw that dog on the news. I don't think I will ever complain about the size of my labrador again.

Heather said...

I LOVE that elephant! he is supercool ♥


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