Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ahhhh Sunday

Its not often i feel i have got lots done on a weekend, yesterday was nice but i didnt do much however today i was super productive, and i feel great for it, house is tidy, made a few cards, did a bit of scrapping, watched some films. Nice! And now im packing slowly for my weekend away.
So i thought i would show you a few of my Florida Beauties :)

So these ooh i love these, i bought some donkeys ago and loved it but at a pricey £9 a box ouch!
But a nice £2.10 American price made me order 3:) and i have used them already today and everything!

Buttons, ahh how i love buttons, i do tend to use them on my pages so i am permitted to have millions and millions, and millions i do have. Once again a ok £6 in the UK which i would/have paid n the past but a £2.29 in the US hhmmm- equal rights?

These are all my button bags together, pretty huh!

Finally are these lovely punches, i have been wanting these since the retreat last november but again pricey. Anyway i am jolly pleased to have them.
So incase you think i am all buy buy and no play play, these are a few cards i made last weekend, i was really on a role.

Thats it for now i have to go and do some packing and some eating of food, then some knitting whilst watching a flm yippee nice sunday! i hope you have had a good one x

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Rachael said...

Loving all those buttons Rachel!!


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