Saturday, 27 February 2010

Why is it?

That things are sooooo much cheaper in America compared to the UK? Seriously it drives me mental, for example scrappy things like this.

is £20.00 in the UK yet $20.00 in USA and this is how the rate is today £1.00 = $1.52 Hardly seems fair does it. However i have been lucky enough to take advantage of the lovely price difference when my friend Natalie went to Florida the other week, we met up last night and she gave me the hugest bag of lovely stuff. I had ordered it all from Joanns so i knew what was coming but there is nothing like seeing it in the flesh so wanna see it in the flesh.........
Course you do!
So here it comes

I had written down what the wool was for i.e which pattern but i appear to have thrown that piece of paper out! so have to head back to Ravelry and find out lol. So lots of reds and pinks.

I dont know what im going to do with this yet but yet another example of price difference this is $1.62 =£1.06 yet its over £3.00 here hardly fair, but i musnt grumble because i have it at the nice dollar price, its pretty right?

Again i had a very specific reason for this wool, i know its 1 of 3 patterns but just need to match them all up lol. This yarn is quite new on the market in America and i love it.

i think i got these for baby stuff, surely someone is gonna have a girl eventually! These were really cheap for a ball you could get a Pound of wool too, natalie got tons of them and said they are huge.

and this is it all on my desk, madness huh and i havent even showed you the scrappy things she got me yet, think i will save that for another day now. But thought you would like to see all the pretty wool. Now i will match it up to a pattern and get knitting i guess lol.
Hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures.


Micayla said...

I totally know what you mean. Stuff from America is so much cheaper and postage is not that bad...just a shame with customs!!!

Darcy said...

oooooo I have yarn envy, I tend to buy yarn for felting from USA even with postage it is still cheaper.

Sarah said...

Ooh, lovely new goodies!!

Claireliz said...

How much wool? it all looks lovely. It does seem unfair that we have to pay double what they do in America, good excuse for a holiday there though :)

Kazzy said...

I think you'd better give up your job...that wool is gonna keep you very busy!

Glen said...

I agree with you Rachel...the prices are extortionate compared to the US. There are so many rules and restrictions too! Not fair. Cheaper to go on holiday with an empty case and shop, shop, shop! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

JO SOWERBY said...

wow that is enough yarn to build ur own sheep!!!!!!
i know what u mean about the usa vs uk prices but have found that p & p does tend to balance it out, so not sure whether u save. only chance is for u to go tothe usa, which u do, or have a kind frined who comes over from ther intermittently. as i have neither option i'll have to buy british
Jo xxx

Nancy said...

Love this layout! such a happy page! made me smile immediately!!! Love your blog too! love the little cardigan sweater you made for your friend's baby...& absolutely adore your fingerless are right about does make the world go round ... and EVERYBODY looks good in it!


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