Thursday, 7 January 2010

This is the way i walk to work

walk to work, walk to work, this is the way i walk to work on a cold and frosty morning.

these are my photos from the last 2 days, the light looked very pretty this morning such gutted i was on my way to work and not on my way to play.
Today i received some good news another friend of mine is having a baby, so thats 3 due in July which is lots lol so i came in and made some cards

Really old paper and one of the cute American Crafts stamps, which work for a number of occasions.
I also made this for my preggy friend who is struggling through morning sickness

I received a lovely order today, i ordered a new album from Sarahs, my buttons that came from America and my happy hooker book, i must do better at crochet and i love my Stitch and Bitch knitting book so i know it will be a good one.

i love my buttons but look at what they look like on the website

they look nothing like mine, this has happened on the last 2 bags i have got i think it would be much better if they would take better photos.
Sorry no kind of order to my posting today, this is my current addiction

i am obsessed with these audio books, sometimes im sitting and im like oh whats missing oh yes my audiobook, i make tea with it on, fall to sleep, listen while rob watches some programme i dont like, all the time. They are fab obviously nothing like reading reading but when you have a million things to make they are fabulous.
Speaking of which look what my sissy sent me today

Love it!
Right thats all for me for now, its cold in here so think i will go and make some gloves lol. Thanks for stopping by TTFN


Sarah xx said...

Fab pics Rachel - looks like somewhere in Narnia! Wish it was that picturesque near me!! xx

Jen said...

gorgeous photos rach!

Heather said...

Beautiful snowy photos, I know you have to go to work (which sucks) but at least you have a pretty walk to the bus stop.

Debbie said...

I'd be a bit scared walking through those woods, doesn;t it freak you out??Espesh at night??
Don't forget that pattern you are going to send me - the easy hat.

Hannah said...

wow, such fabulous snow pictures!


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