Tuesday, 5 January 2010

In Stitches

I so love my Amy Butler book i got for xmas, its a bit tricky i will admit but here are a few pics from the book of things i want/wish i could make

Some seriously nice stuff in this book.
So today has been erm interesting, we had more snow last night than i have ever seen in my life, tried to get to work and failed,

attempt 1- failed!
so tried to get there a hour later ( after a bit of harry potter and knitting)
and i made it yet it still looked like this

for a couple of hours work before a very nice catch up with my friend

and then a early finish.
So Rob got sent home early, to close a office is one thing but to close a shop is big deal and never happened, so we got home nice and early ran in the garden to some nice treats for the birds and a few pics then,

back to harry potter and knitting.
So crazy day we shall see what tomorrow does bring, TTFN X


JO SOWERBY said...

wow the snow looks fab. we have been warned to expect 10-20cm overnight down here which is pretty unheard off in sw england. anyway we'll see what the morning brings. i have just posted my 100th blogpost this pm which i was very excited by but as a long standing blogger u'll probably laugh! :) the amy butler book looks amazing. i had crochet flower books and several cupcake pressies the same as yours.
jo xxx

ps. i am also a xmas baby - xmas eve :))

Jessica said...

following on from your quilt post


this site has loads of free patterns all using moda fabrics (I guess good advertising for them)but a good site

Debbie said...

Yay we have finally had some snow here too and got sent home from school at lunchtime! Hoping for more tonight and another day off tomorrow! The book looks fab, espesh the pom pom pillow!

Sarah said...

Great snowy pics!!! We have had nowhere near that much down here on the south coast! Some gorg' stuff in the book! x


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