Friday, 8 January 2010

TFI Friday

Forgive my french but wow what a week, its been really slow first because no solicitors etc were at work so no work, then thought pick up mid week, but then the snow came so no work, so been a LONG week, and very glad its the weekend i have a list as long as my arm of things i need to do/ should of done in the week but been far too lazy inc....

1- finish taking tree down, its down just random boxes and bits lying around
2- cook enough food for the week so i dont have to cook, so far i have these freezable items, spag bol, lasagne, stew/soup, pie, fish pie, can you think of things else? i have mince meat and chicken.
3 Tidy up work clothes that have been gathering all week.
4- start to make this!

Love it! im excited to start, think i will start jobs tomo so i can start this tonight yippee.
So speaking of knitting, i went to a new wool shop today well i have never been, i thought it might be a bit of a old lady shop but it was great, they hadnt heard of Ravelry which i thought was a bit odd being as how big the site is. But i got the 2 balls of yarn to add to my other 2 for the above pics so im chuffed, and will surely be back, this is the yarn im using, the chunky one

and on another knitting note i bought these before xmas

sometimes knitting really hurts and i didnt want to wear a thimble so i got these, havent used them yet but they look great.
Right im off to get warm in the other warm room lol


Lynnette Davis said...

Hi Rachel!
I invite you to come follow me on my NEW blog We're Twisted Sisters on Twisted Sketches, I thought it would be nice. :)

Debbie said...

Love the look of the new project! Re dinners, chilli, cottage pie, home made burgers?

Where's the link to the new wool shop then?

leah said...

How about chicken curry, or chicken chasseur! yum, or meatballs!!! please check out my blog, uv given me the blog bug again so, its
Its still early days yet and iv not put much photos up yet but i feel encouraged by reading urs every day.


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