Saturday, 9 January 2010


Aren't they great! Here is how my day went, reasonable sleep in, lying listening to my audio book and did a bit of ravelry searching. Then I got my cooking my millions of meals

Spag bol

Chicken cassarole

& tons of soup!
Then my lovely friend Natalie came round and we got to knitting, as mentioned yesterday I think I started the shawl so here is how I got on ( terrible iPhone photos sorry)

4 inches of rib

A new stitch the abbreviation is kbl so after a bit of you tube action I mastered now I have to knit till the piece measures 36 inches!!!!!

Gonna take a long time but happy with how it is going.
I also have my little eye on more projects as soon as I start knitting something I want to finish to start something else guess that's the whole patience thing!
I also have been wearing my thimble it today

-can u see it? It's been fab very sticky only thing is my iPhone doesn't like it so weird typing!

Right well it's my anniversary tomo so best go make a card lol then more knitting! Ttfn x

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