Monday, 25 January 2010


Hi gang just a little iPhone blog today so some naffy photos I'm afraid.

This is a little something I made yesterday been on my to do list forever n now it's done! Pretty pleased with it, stuffing could have been better.

I have also started one of many baby cardis so here is how it us going


As mentioned shocking photos!
I have really enjoyed making this very quick however I was sure I had 2 cream balls which I needed and now I appear to have only one not a happy girl!

I have also been working on my bolero which after long last is starting to look like something

This is it at work on my lunch

This is it on, supposed to be worn much further up the arm but my stitches would have fallen off! I'm pleased with how it looks but the idea of starting a identical piece is less than appealing. Ho hum!

And on the knitting front I have found out the flavour of one of the babies, one of them in my list is a blue one! But I like red lol
Right that's it x

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JO SOWERBY said...

wow it's a fiesta of knitting goodness rachel. how r u keeping up with all the different patterns?? the bolero will grow faster for the other arm no doubt.
Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

You're really doing some great work Rachel. I need a few tips on being as productive as you. :)

Vanessa x


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