Sunday, 24 January 2010

How my mind works!

I know scary thought, but everyone seems to think i scrap fast, and i guess i do but its only impatience to finish. So i thought i would do a test and take photos along the way and this is what i came up with, warning LOTS of photos!

find a photo

notice there is a pretty piece of paper near by

and see if it goes with the pic

see if any other paper that is lying around goes- decides it foes not

find another bit and find it does go

find some plainer paper to break up the background

and a another just to shake it up

decide dont like brown paper edge to edge so i chop it up a bit

chop some plainer paper but not too much so you cant see the pretty dots

gut the paper because its one of my favourites

chop a sqaure of the patterned paper, holding it over work so can guesstimate how much you might need

notice pretty paper has other colours and go in search of some stuff of similar colours

spy lovely die cuts right in front of my, and see a red one that will match

spy some ribbon that looks of similar colours

stick ribbon down

stick die cut on foam pads and plonk it somewhere

decide corner looks a bit bare so go in search of journalling spots that i use on most pages i do

decide didnt like last square so get another

then remember i have some chipboard and see if anything goes

pop out everything i want

having stuck my photo down already i peel back the corner to get my journalling bits in

layer the next one

stick chipboard in a corner that has nothing in it

go round everything in black pen- coz thats just what i do

spot some blue bling lying on my desk so i stick it down

go for putting bling in centre of flowers but soon decide looks naf so just scatter it about

check out my photo to think of a title, rob normally thinks of them but as he is at work i go for where we are/what we are doing i.e in the woods

search for thickers


search frantically with a pack of thickers with a e in it- bingo only to find....

there are no T's bummer so start looking again

got one

finish title and add date then.... wait till the next day when the light is good enough to take a nice photo

Ta DA!!! so thats how i do it, think it took about 20-25 mins, i really dont think about it too much coz then it stops being fun so i just randomly plonk stuff on the page.
Hope you have enjoyed the insight into my mind lol

today i have cooked the most food ever and now pretty worried there isnt enough room in the freezer for it all, i have also found a fab new shop for fabric so think i will order a tiny bit.
But its slowly getting dark here, i cant wait for the light nights to come back anything but this, i have to walk such a long way home coz of the dark, i normally walk through the woods and still do to get to work but its too scary on a night and just adds more time onto my journey boo hiss!

And as for hobby craft all i got were some needles and PVA glue as i have a messy idea which i might do now or might go to blockbuster and sit and knit lol
however i did buy this huge giant comedy sized ball of yarn the other day

its not the greatest ball in the world but with so many babies to knit for you have to make do with with you can afford right.
Well i best go and make something lol thanks for stopping by as ever x


Sarah xx said...

Ha ha - great post - that is similar to how I scrap I just take about 2 hours to do it in! I think most of that times is spent rummaging for stuff that 'goes' though??? xx

JO SOWERBY said...

thanx for sharing your LO designing............makes me feel better to know that someone so talented actually is also pretty normal!!! ie no previous plan of about 10pGES LONG!

Heather said...

OMG I have well been eyeing up comedy balls of yarn! I need to make some blankets that we can keep in the car for summer days or emergency snowy day blankets. The ones in my LYS are like £8.40 so it's a bit beyond my finances at the moment.

Oh and we went to the most ace fabric shop the other day, it's called the Bramble Patch and it's in Weedon (which is only about 15 mins away). You'd love it, seriously :)

Sally said...

Hee hee this is how i scrap and get lots of stick about it at the crop as i can churn out about 7 layouts in one crop day, i do think i need to add more embellies to mine though, any tips on good embellie shops?
happy sunday :O)

Rachel said...

thanks for your lovely comments guys, glad to know i scrap how most people do.
Heather mine was £5.99 coz it has wool in it but they had ones for a fiver which were just acrylic, they had nicer colours too but have to be unisex, so selfish of everyone not to find out what they are having.
sally- embellishments - elle studio is good on etsy they are cheap enough and quick considering from US, i tend to just bling things up lately. Thanks again your comments make me happy. right off to cast on first baby blanket 198 stitches ouch!

Sally said...

LOL love it - that's just what I tend to do - either that or use sketches!

Heather said...

I'm jealous you can do layouts so quickly! I work in a similar way but just too indecisive to make paper/embellishment choices that quickly :/

Debbie said...

That sounds just about like my way of doing it!

Jackie xxx said...

Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

haha, i do a similar thing I but I shuffle stuff around more. maybe it's because all my things are neatly tidies away it takes me longer to search for stuff that matches? perhaps I need to have a messier desk?!


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