Saturday, 23 January 2010

Hurrah for Saturday

I have to say this week has actually been better than the last 2, think when you have time off work the next couple of weeks just suck but 3 weeks back at work i think im back into the routine, although i am still getting up at 7.50 when i leave the house at 8.15 hhmmm.
So last night i stumbled across this blog and have become addicted and a big shock is that its not a craft blog, anyone else read this blog? i am finding it most amusing, so a good hour of my morning went reading some of that.
So today i am running a little behind i am meeting my friend in Hobby Craft at 11 and its 10.35 hhmmm best type quick, off to see what yarn they do and have a wonder around.
but then when i get back i have scrapping to do, i have printed about 20+ photos and i must do some speed scrapping, i have 2 more pages left to show you so if i show you them now i have nothing left so will have to scrap so here goes.

The first photo i have scrapped from the Sarahs Retreat it think, the woodgrain paper is one of my favourites from last yr yum!
Last time i scrapped i was very lazy and pretty much just used what my lying around from the previosu paper so everything is a bit of a jumble

not the most flattering photo but i love my orlando top (thinking about i havent seen it for a while) i am doing my best not to think about florida this yr as we are having a yr off, however my lovely friend natalie (yummy blog but she is a bugger for updating it) is off to florida next month and has offered to get me some stuff yippee.
and on the knitting front, i am doing a big project so no new photos really but this is what im making

the bolero not the neck thing
i also plan on starting this, this weekend

cute huh and this too at some point

these patterns are all free on Ravelry free!
right im really late now have a lovely saturday all x


Carol said...

Stunning pages Rachel, such a talented lady and so fast doing the pages.

Carol X

Sarah xx said...

Hobbycraft? Shame on you! Love the LO's, even with the dodgy picture - fabby!! have a great day xx

Natalie said...

Oi! Who are you calling a bugger?! Tsk! :P x


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