Thursday, 21 January 2010

Definitely something

in the water, the people i know expecting babies is growing by the day (no pun intended). Think i shall be sticking to bottled water!
I am going to my best to make a little something for each other them, however not a single one is finding out what they are having which is well driving me mad, im not a pastel kinda person so good old primary colours will help me out here.
So i consulted good old ravelry for some inspiration so here are a few things that have caught my eye, im not saying for one second i know how to make any of them but some of them are do-able so i will see.
Wanna see??

Which is your favourite then? i love the little red cape personally.
Right i best get going, flying visit, our chinese has just arrived yum!
I also have just got tons of photo paper planning on a bit of a scrapping session on saturday of my december photos so best get printing. thanks for stopping by x


Rachael said...

Just fab Rachel!! Love the little pink all in one and those cup cakes are just Think you are going to HAVE to teach me in March :) xx

Sally said...

I love the cape too and the wizard hat, but ooooh the cupcake hat is lovely too! You should start taking orders!!! Start a shop like SJ !!! that would keep you busy indeed x

Rachel said...

sally would love too but the average hat takes 5hrs ish and then cost of wool and then cost me sitting knitting for 5 hours, no really do able lol oh and i would have to get a whole lot better

Rach- course i will teach you

Debbie said...

The hooded poncho, the stacking tower hat thing, the cupcake hats, the cardis............they are all lush, not sure how you will decide!!

JO SOWERBY said...

i love that cape and also the cupcake hats. awesomely cute. have to say primary colours are better for babies as they can focus on them properly............anything pastel is a nono. if buying things like toys etc go for strong primaries or black and white with symmetrical patterns.
Jo xxx

Laura said...

CUte. I love the first red baby grow thingy! lol!

So how many babies are being born? I (so far) only know of one being born this year and that's Leanne's little one. xx

Rachel said...

laura- here is my list
lisa- at work 3rd kid, finding out what she is having but not telling
leanne- again not finding out
charlotte- old uni friend- again not finding out
ol- old school friend and not finding out
my cousin- bit of a shock one prob no time to find out
so 5!
but i bought seriously the biggest ball of wool on the planet its twice as big as my head!

Gertie said...

OMG Rachel,where are you finding all this knitting candy????

Think all of them are cute but my favourites would be the cardis.



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