Tuesday, 26 January 2010

1st Feb

For those who dont know on the 1st of feb UKS is trimming the online gallery, literally deleting everything from feb 2009 and before, and i think its pretty sad, some of my early work is on there as im sure tons of peoples are and im a bit gutted some of my early stuff is my favourite, so i have been stealing some, well lots to share you before they are deleted. I obviously still have them and they are on my computer but they will have been removed from cyber space.
So here goes, try not to fall asleep lol

These are mainly 2007 and a couple 2008 pages, i think i scrap in a similar style to now. I have some more but didnt want to overload you.
Thats all really i have a night of finishing one half of my bolero and some trashy tv to watch. TTFN


beksynormz said...

It is a shame...that I love food one was the first LO of yours I ever spotted and I still love it now xx

Fluffy said...

Wow can certainly see how your style has developed.
Some of my early ones, well they leave a lot to be desired LOL but like you I have my faves x Tracee

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Liking these antiques! I love wagamammas too! Its funny how the more stash we accumulate and the more advanced techniques we learn we still have the same basic style. Personalities really do shine through in our work! xx

cococricketsmama said...

hello, just saw your comment on Jen's blog about living in the UK. I'm here right now (London and Manchester) and just wanted to stop by and say hi. Your layouts are beautiful and creative!


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