Saturday, 2 January 2010


Is my word of 2010, seems to be the done thing to pick one, I am not a patient person at all, it crops up constantly, lately it has been with my knitting, i wont take on a big project because i like things done! however I plan to learn socks this month and they are not quick things. It also crops up with scrapping, which is why i think i am so quick i want it finished to move onto the next one lol Anyway that will do for explanations.
I have put together a few collages first of my favourite scrapbook pages of the year, divided up into 2 sections.
Jan- June09

July- Dec

And my knitting projects of 2009

I'm quite proud of my making things achievements, i could of just sat on a evening and weekend and not done anything btu i chose to make stuff and that makes me happy. I love being on the Sarahs Cards DT and the Twisted Sketches and hope to continue with them through the year. We have our first Sarahs Cards retreat in March so we are busy with plans for that.

I have today scrapped for the first time in a month which is a REALLY long time for me and its for twisted sketches work.

So plans, aims, resolutions for 2010

1- Be more Patient
2- Be better with money, inc saving more
3- Learnt how to make socks
4- Sew more, more complicated things not just squares
5- Call people more, i get loads of free mins but if you sit down ready for a chat how do you know the other person is free i always feel a bit awkward to tend not to bother.
6- I do need to learn to drive but need to get (2) sorted out before i can
7- I really want to go to more gigs, i used to go to loads and havent been to one for a while so every month look to see who is playing in the area and try and see people.
8-Try and like more job or just leave!
9- Be more Tidy
10- Stop eating so much chicken and pasta, so guess i need to learn more meals
11- Grow my hair long again seriously what was i thinking!
12- Aim to get back to my 'natural' hair colour without dying or boredom but stop dying it so dark at least
13- Be more confident, im fine with people i know, but struggle with those i dont as i assume most people do
14- Make a trip to London to visit my southern friends at least twice in the year
15- Say Yes more!

Well think that will do for now, my sister has been to visit today, she is due to fly back to Australia next friday so im trying to convince her a little longer wouldnt hurt, so a quick nip to Baa Ram Ewe and a rifle through my buttons

Right i need to cast my next knitting project on before i change my mind, tiny needles and tiny wool does not really appeal. wish me luck, thanks for stopping by as ever xx


Rachael said...

Loving the LO collages they are fab!!

Chris said...
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