Saturday, 2 January 2010


Been sat all night long knitting in this stuff, for those who don't know 4ply is tiny skinny wool knit on tiny skinny needles been here about 4 hours and all I have is this ........

Trying the whole patience thing really I am! But I have learnt how to slip slip knit ssk & make one m1 so maybe that's why I'm slow or maybe it's the stupid wool lol

Rant over!

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Pink Blossom Creations said...

I have just come across your blog and love it..
The LOs on your last post are brilliant and your knitting is fab.
I too love scrapping and knitting
looking forward to just catching up with your bits on here
Caroline x

beksynormz said...

Rachel you should have two projects on the go, start something chunky that will grow quick and then do the slower one in between. Might be a good way to ease yourself into the whole patience thing!!! xxx


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