Sunday, 3 January 2010


Days off work has been bliss, i havent given work a second thought, but today is my last day and im pretty gutted. Have loved sitting watching DVDS all day and just kinda doing nothing, so my last day, here is my plan, blog, tidy mountain of clothes away, do the kitchen, scrap another twisted sketches page and email them off, then sit and knit and watch Harry Potter followed by Twilight (again) sounds nice huh and if i have time i might do a spot of baking!

So as i am slowly going mad with my tiny weeny wool and needles i am going to start this as well so i actually feel like im getting somewhere.

Cute huh my little neckwarmer has been used to death so thought i would try this one, its in keeping with my try a bit harder moto, it has cabling in it and i tried once to do it so i shall try again, love the yarn too but i cannot go to the wool shop until the next knit night on the 14th i refuse!
This is the lovely yarn i bought yesterday with my birthday money (so i am a loud)

pretty huh? i am going to be making the plainest easiest socks so thought the wool should be a bit jazzy im excited, i do have to wait till knit night to start as i have no idea.
Something else sat on my desk ready to make into something pretty

i think i got this piece of 'fabric' in a gogo kit ages ago and was like what am i going to do with that, but i found a heart template and im gonna make something like this i think

i also just found this super cute website while looking for that picture hearts galore they make cute stuff like this

now how do you think thats made? 2 heart shaped bits of fabric, buttons sewn on, and stuffed, and tacked at the top/bottom?
and speaking of fabric as anyone seen the new section from Sarahs Cards? they have a Sewing and Fabric Section now, here are some of my favourites

cute stuff.
Right i need to do my boring jobs before i can do the fun things, but plan to listen to my twilight audiobook as i go, to make it fun. Have a nice sunday guys x

p.s hello to my new 'readers' thanks for your lovely comments, i like comments, im only slightly ashamed to admit it lol x


Anna said...

Those hearts look lovely. I made some little robins for Christmas if you want to take a look, they are on my blog.

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Loving that yarn... and the neck warmer its fab.
I love making hearts but they have not turned out that well... more practice needed for me I think lol
Caroline xx

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh didn't know that sarah's did material, thanx for that info rachel, the knitting looks g8 and I'm sure the 4ply will start growing a little faster, by the way harry potter is awesome!
jo xxx

Debbie said...

Button hearts are to die for!! NEED to have a go at those at some point!

Carly said...

Good Luck with the socks, I have wanted to learn for ages, will be watching your progress eagerly :)

Elaine said...

hello! i have read your blog for months but don't think i have left a comment so here you go...lovely stuff, very inspirational! Enjoy the fun things and happy new year!

Jo x said...

I've been reading your blog for months now and out of all the blogs I read yours is the one that inspires me the most.

I check it out every day, I've even got my knitting needles out again and can't wait to do some of the hats you've done.

Thank you
Jo x


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