Sunday, 3 January 2010

Fighting the blues

Sunday is the day for blues, I'm doing my best to fight it, so today I have been sorting stuff, I emptied my pretty box and put it on my dresser to look pretty

I am loving soap & glory yum!
I also spent ages sorting out my earrings for my new stand, I have tons, when I had short hair i thought people might think I looked like a boy so I always wore them!

Doesn't it look pretty. I didn't mind my sorting coz I had my lovely twilight audiobook on lol

My bedside table looks very bare without my Xmas tree :(

So for those with iPhones have u seen the new app project 365? My friend told me about it, u take a pic every day and it slots it into a calender type lo super nice.

Right back to my tricky cabling! Ttfn x

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Sally said...

hey hun

happy new year, just thought i would pop you a comment as its fab to recieve them, happy sorting!! thats my task for tomorrow!!! take care xx

Sally said...

ooooh ps i NEEEEEEEEEEED an I phone, its getting serious now, blogging at the tap of an app, oooooh the possibilities :O)

Kit said...

love your earing stand


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