Friday, 1 January 2010

In Review

I'm so loving everyones new yrs round up. First of all Happy New Year hope u had a great night.
Will try not to make it too word intensive so i have lots of photos too hope thats ok.

So 2009- What has been good, what have i learnt etc?

I have the best boyfriend ever on the planet
I have a whole house now (even if it is rented) i officially have my own scrappy room, sewing, quilting, and am very grateful
I started to knit again
I started to sew, and can now make quilts yippee
We had a great road trip down south with my lovely southern friends.
We officially love Florida!
my lovely lola is the cutest thing ever
That Wii nights in with friends is jolly good fun
That i love Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!
That the only thing i like about winter is the snow, not the rain, wind cold its snow!
That it sucks when all my friends move away

could go on forever and probably missed something very important but never mind.

So a few photos of the yr, im pretty sure i spent hours doing a collage of each month but i appear to have lost like 60% of them so i have a few months.

JAN- very rare night on the town for us.

FEB- first snow of the year, cant believe we have had it so early this yr

MARCH- awesome road trip and my favourite photo of the yr, thanks SJ

APRIL- move house and gain a whole craft room

MAY- our new front door

JUNE- whitebox photos

JULY- our garden loved fab this summer.

August- collages start here, i started knitting again, i learnt to crochet ish, i met gorgeous puppy wilson, heather got married, i chopped my hair off again, i sat in the garden, i started Twilight, good month!

SEPT- we went to florida yippee, hair got even shorter, sat in the park, fab month

OCT- i learnt how to quilt, the nights got darker, we went on a great luscious meet

NOV- lovely heather left work, we went to lincoln, the DT had a great trip away, my sis came home from auz

Dec- lots of xmas fun!

I am a bit blogged out now as im sure you are, so will come back later with plans for 2010. x

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