Thursday, 31 December 2009

For another year

Thats is xmas and birthday done for another year, i thought i would show u some of my pretty things if you dont mind too much. But first thank you for the lovely birthday comments, to heather- i did not even remember what paper you wrapped my birthday present in as it was november, the wrapping paper comments were not at you! silly! Debbie, yes indeed we have a xmas tree in our bedroom, we had 5 last yr so cant really not put one in the bedroom. Kat- happy birthday to you too! kate- no scrappy or knitting presents at all but not a problem i have loads to be working with.
So photos

Beautiful paperchase bag, i must try and find out where our nearest paperchase is not Leeds does not have one :(

the most giant tub of soap and glory items ever and the prettiest box

who doesnt need a owl moneybox?

Purchases with my birthday money cute little love thing

gorgeous heart candle, i have seen this before and loved it and not mentioned it to anyone and my MIL picked it for me yippee

birthday money hook for my beautiful heart.

more hearts this is a earring holders, i have loads of earrings so chuffed with this :)

beautiful apple brolly, i dont like real apples but i like them on anything else lol

magic changing colour clock pretty

the mighty friends, no way did i think i would get this! seriously chuffed so many extra features, i watched the first pilot last night and there were 4 extra bits its exciting.
Right i have soooooo much sorting, tidying, cleaning to do, plan to pop back later with a bit of a yearly round up as it seems to be the in thing to do! lol have a nice day x


Claireliz said...

Happy Birthday Rachel, hope you had a fab time. Happy new year

Jen said...

woo, fab pressies!
love the 'LOVE' thingamyjig

Debbie said...

5!!! Crazy woman!

Alex Mason said...

Hi, love your blog! x


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