Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Today is my birthday, 27! which i know isnt so old but when you still look 15 its not great. I have been completely spoilt today but my family and my lovely Rob, few photos from my day, will take present photos tomo coz i know whats what you are all interested in lol

Seriously a billion presents greeted me when i woke up, well half awake my phone had been buzzing for hours with birthday texts but i ignored them till 9.20 lol well it is my birthday lol

I am very particular when it comes to xmas and my birthday, i dont really like when my birthday is so i like to keep them separate, i will always have the tree up for my birthday, my birthday cards will always be mixed in with the xmas ones but one thing i do like it birthday paper! if it was someones birthday in july you wouldnt give them xmas paper so why should i have it, so i took this photo, my lovely friend fran had wrapped my xmas present in xmas paper and my birthday present in birthday paper gold star fran ***********!

me and lovely fran yesterday- fran wearing her handmade xmas presents another gold star miss * !

Birthday books woo!

birthday me and rob shot, we took some others but as i swapped the memory cards on the camera on xmas day it hasnt been working, so lost a couple of group shots, and one of me and rob in our smart new coats grrr
Well i have a chinese on the way and yet more lovely toys to play with, you should see our house presents everyone, on second thoughts maybe not/ please dont rob me lol ttfn


Heather said...

Once again I would like to apologise for using christmas paper to wrap your birthday present in, but in my defence I DID give you both your xmas AND birthday present in November, AND I was in the middle of a very hurried house move AND I DID let you open your birthday present there and then :D

AND I remembered to send you a separate birthday card, IN TIME to arrive for your birthday. And it had little doors to open.

So I think the snowman paper was quite excuseable really ;-)

happy birthday, and lots of (non xmas) love :) xxxxx

Debbie said...

oh my goodness look at all those goodies!! DO you really have an xmas tree in your bedroom?? LOL

Kat said...

Happy Birthday from a fellow birthday girl, Rachel! :)

Hope you had a great day ... and yes, I do understand the whole thing with Christmas wrapping paper for birthday presents!!! :o

Kate said...

Happy Birthday :-) Did you get some scrappy presents?

fran_elis said...

Woohoo for my gold stars!! And for getting a photo and double mention in one blog, lucky lady :D

Hope you had a lovely day & look forward to seeing your present piccies!!


hotpotato said...

A belated Happy Birthday Rachel, hope you had a great day.

Anonymous said...



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