Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Hi guys I am trying to be productive today, up early, did some internet banking, wrote all birthday in my diary and addresses i need. Now quick blog and off to town to meet my lovely friend for a pre birthday lunch then back home to do something or other of my list.
So knitting list, i am on Ravelry more than UKS these days and have a huge list of things i want to make so here is what i wanna make,

Love this and could probably do it but it would use soooo much yarn and end up costing a bomb but cute!

Think this is my next project after i have bought the smallest needles ever today, lots of babies arriving this yr so best master things little things

I have wanted to make knitted cupcakes since i started to knit again so these are on my list

i need to get the hang of cabling so this hat looks like a good place to start

Seriously how cute are these?

Pin cushion how cute.
Most of these paterns are free or a couple of pound except this one

Actually a real piece of clothing i could make but you have to buy the whole book which is pricey.
Myself and Rob have made a bit of a New Year rule already, he has stupid amounts of DVDS so he isnt going to buy anymore until he has at least watched the ones hes bought, hes all about the collection so just buys them and doesnt watch them, he isnt a fan of re watching films. I on the other hand and going to try and use all my wool before i buy more i do have lots so i will at least try.
In the meantime this is what i have been making in the past few weeks

Charcoal trendy boy hat for rob who is turning into a trendy boy with his smart new coat, i also made one for robs sisters bf and myself but in blue

think i might have posted that pic already but never mind.
I also made Robs sis some mittens

And lovely sj and her boy matching hats, no finished photos but a in progress one lol

i am also just finishing the same hat for my sis.
I am seeing my family for a meal tomo lunch so need to get it finished tonight to give it to her then, also speaking of my sis she emailed me a pic of my red boots on xmas day

Good stuff im gonna try them out today as the know has nearly gone, hear we are all set to get more over the new yr but as we arent going anywhere bring it on!
Right i best get a move on.Hope im not overloading you with stuff, making the most of being off work and having time to blog, never fear sure will stop again when im back but thats not till next week yippeee!
p.s let me know if you want the link to any of the patterns thanks for stopping by x


Sally said...


loving the knitting, i am trying to learn as i reaalllllly want to make a hat fo rmy little girlie, so the lady across the road is teaching me, i really cant wait to get the hang of it properly!! DO you have a link to the bear hats? i love them , they are out of my league but my friend could make one for me. Cheers hun, oooh am loving all the posts so dont fear!!! xxx

Debbie said...

LOVE all you 'to do' projects!! And Robs hat really suits him!!
BIG NEWS I HAVE FINISHED THE SCARF!!!! Now embarking on a blanket for DD2's dolly (was going to be for DD1's foor of bed but might take 7 years for that size!
I too like Sally LOVE your posts

Debbie said...

Can you send me links to the pin cushion and the hearts please!!


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