Sunday, 17 January 2010

Make Over

Hi so i've been trying to 'pimp' my blog but i think i might of killed it? cant decide if i like it or not, some things i want to change and i dont know how kinda driving me mad, i have spent couple of hours sat here which is far too long so it can stay like this for now.
I was just stopping by to show you a few photos, i got up early this morning and rob took some 'proper' photos of my latest knits, forgive how posey they are but you kinda have to lol. Think i have showed you them all before but hopefully they look a bit better.

Grey Neck warmer- lesson learnt, wool was too floppy so not great, but good first attempt at cabling

My second attempt worked lots better, but seriously these things are hard to photo graph
Now my shawl, not in my pjs this time

Apparently i am wearing it inside out but i cant see the difference so im wearing it like this!
and finally my newest creation, so new that i still have the other one to sew up lol having finished one mitt in about 3 hours, pretty chuffed with myself

Cute little mitts which i love
I also got this pic

which i have changed my profile pic too.
So thats all for knitting how about a bit of scrapping now? the latest Sarahs Cards Sketch is up here
here is my 'entry'

The winner will be chosen by the design team and will win a £10 e-voucher and a chance to join the team and design an example layout for the March sketch challenge that will be featured on the blog.
Right well its gotten very late now so im off to sew my other mitten up and i think i shall make this hat next.

Have a lovely sunday, thanks as ever for stopping by, comment appreciated on the blog but if you say change it back i cant coz i dont have any of the original stuff eek


JO SOWERBY said...

i love ur new look rachel so chill out and sew up that mitten. i think it tells us abit more about u. i love the owl background.......loving the owls at the mo and am in the middle of knitting an owl hat!!!!
Jo xxx

Debbie said...

New look looks fab! Great pics. NEED to order the wool so I can start making something else.

Rachel said...

thats what i was going for jo, everything seems to have moved a little away from scrapping so was trying to show thats not what im all about. Still needs tweaking though. Where is this owl hat i love owls, but not real life ones lol

Claireliz said...

Love those mittens Rachel, I soo want a pair. Great LO too.

JO SOWERBY said...

the owl hat is a free pattern i got online. it is a normal hat but with cabled owls around it. i'll find the link for you

it's called wise old owl and it's at

Love Jo xxx

Sally said...

loving the pictures, i dont think they are "too" posed, your work is lovely hun.

I like the new look too, the collage looks fab at the top xxx

amy lapi said...

i love your blog! it's very inspiring. and i don't think the design is overkill at all.

Sarah said...

Love your "new" look blog! The photos along the top are great!!


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